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Podcast 101: Where to Find 10 Sec Intro Music Download for Free?

10 Seconds music intro download free

Where to Find 10 Sec Intro Music Download for Free? The cliche ‘first impression is the last’ strikes true for podcast channels. If you don’t have the audience’s attention in the first five seconds, you might as well bid them adieu. One of the main reasons for this is accessibility.

Target listeners are already spoiled with options and are one click away from your competitors. Luring them in with a catchy intro keeps them engaged until you get them hooked to your creative content.

That’s probably why many podcast creators frantically search for “10 sec intro music download free” and “royalty-free music sites” when they join this industry. Even if you hit the jackpot on the first try, there are some crucial questions to ask before you proceed.

We created a handy checklist for reference to ensure that your podcast music hits all the right legal notes.

Let’s begin!

The Big Question: Are 10 Sec Intro Music Download Free and Legal?

Yes, some song or track intros are free, but they aren’t necessarily legal.

Many podcast creators and producers forget that creating content “just for fun” doesn’t exempt them from copyright laws. These rules apply whether or not you’re generating any revenue from your podcast channel. That’s why downloading short intros from random unauthorized sites isn’t a good idea. They might be free, but they are often unlicensed; and therefore off-limits for public forums.

If you get caught, you will wind up paying a pricey penalty. Your bank account becomes lighter in these situations and your reputation tanks. It’s why playing by the rules remains the safest option.

Luckily, technological advancements and the rapidly evolving music industry have created digital platforms and single-licensing libraries. The top benefits of one-time purchase royalty-free music lie in their cost-efficiency and legally safe practices. With one subscription, you can open digital doors to multiple soundtracks, sound effects, and melodies.

More importantly, many of these downloadable tracks are available for commercial use. Not only that, but they come with business-oriented licenses too.

As a result, you get to play music on your podcast without lobbying for music production licenses.

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5 Pitch Perfect Platforms for Royalty-Free Beats

10 Sec intro music download free

When it comes to picking catchy podcast music, you’ve got to go with sites that offer variety. Use their diverse range of tracks to create your mixes. Having more options enables you to spice things up with music at every transitional phase of your podcast episode.

Most importantly, you get to do this without exceeding budget limits or crossing legal boundaries.

These are our top picks for single-licensing music sites:

Premium Beat (by Shutterstock)

If you’re aiming for worldwide recognition, then Premium Beat shall serve you well. The platform provides you with scalable licensing options to fit your requirements. You even receive unlimited options for using selected soundtracks for years without any additional costs,


It’s another special subscription-based music streaming platform for royalty-free music intros, outros, and more. You can use monthly/yearly packages to access thousands of genres under music licenses with a lifetime warranty.


This exciting streaming site allows subscribers to select tracks and sound effects according to genre and moods. Depending on your feasibility and goals, you get to buy customized music packs or only one track.


It extends copyright and music licensing privileges by exceeding the options. These are matched with tons of foot-tapping tracks available online. Use this space to download your podcast intro song without dealing with legalities.

Evanto Elements

If you want premium-quality compositions and sound effects within reach, this place should be your go-to option. Browse through handpicked categories by listeners with good ears and creative composers. You can explore several genres to find the perfect fit for your channel.

Music Note: Listen to the 10 Best Podcast Music Intro Tracks [2021] compiled by Evanto to get some inspiration.

Cue the Podcast Music

Your Google quest for “10 sec intro music download free” will end once you register to one of the popular platforms listed above. If you’re still unclear about the intro and outro tracks, pay attention to competing content creators. Listen to their music choices and how it influences their podcast content. Use their work as a reference to select a royalty-free intro that becomes the unique voice of your podcast channel.

Don’t stop at the intro. Weave in musical elements throughout the podcast episode. You can incorporate them between segments, play them as background music during interviews, and add them to the outro. The right beats and rhythm shall enrich your story and keep attentive listeners hooked from the moment they click play.

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