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7 Best Apps for Adding Music to Videos in 2021

Man adding music to video with mobile app

No matter if it is for a personal video or an advertisement, adding music to your video makes it more enjoyable. There are many apps for adding music to videos that can help you with this, some of which are free while others are paid.

They all have the ability to help you create your next amazing video project. Whether you need to add some background music or just want to incorporate some sound effects into your project, these apps will definitely come in handy.

Add music to your next video with these applications

Creative, affordable, and accessible are just three words that can be used to define these apps.

There are many apps that allow you to add music to your videos. These apps are useful for people who want to create video content or if you want to make a movie trailer, a homemade video, instructional video, a YouTube video, or a vlog.

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1. Music Maker Jam

To start off with, there is Music Maker Jam app. You can use this app if you want a simple solution for adding music to your videos.

It allows you to easily record any sound and then mix it with preloaded sounds or any other sound files stored on your device so that you don’t need to download anything else! Plus, there are no ads that will interfere with the video editing process like many other free music apps.

2. Loopsync

Loopsync – This app allows you to sync your audio with the footage in your video. It also allows you to easily download free loops from SoundCloud or upload audio files from your phone’s library.

3. Songify – Song & Video Editor

Songify – This app creates a song out of any sound, allowing you to turn any conversation into an upbeat track.

GarageBand- This is Apple’s very own app that allows users with no musical knowledge whatsoever, create pro-sounding compositions on their phone.

4. iMovie

Adding audio to a video with iMovie is fun and engaging. iMovie is created to edit short films and videos, with music, sound effects, voiceovers, and more to create a custom soundtrack for your video.

5. InShot

Instagram has recently introduced music to videos, but this feature is currently not available in some countries or is slow to load. Videos typically work better for most people without any music at all.

The app InShot creates a perfect mix of music and video with your uploaded footage. Those videos are perfect for on social media, giving them the ‘thumbs up’ on Instagram or even on Snapchat and it’s very comfortable adding music to the video within the app.

6. VivaVideo – Free Music Video Maker App

VivaVideo is a free video editor app, which lets you edit any video by adding pictures/video clips of your favorite songs, adding song lyrics to videos, or playing around with transitions.

You can also create TikTok-like videos while adding music to the background, Instagram stories and reels and YouTube videos easily and conveniently.

Which one is REALLY the best?

It’s not listed above, but many users are enjoying recently it and gave it a great score. The best and most popular app recently for adding music to videos is Splice. Splice is a music app that allows you to add the perfect score to your video with just a few clicks. It has its own royalty-free music and SFX library you can browse & use.

Before you start editing, make sure it’s .mp3

Girl recording a song and add it to the video editing app

Some people actually think this is an urban legend. But it’s not!

You may bump video editing software and mobile applications that can’t play any audio files, so make sure to convert the file to a popular mp3 format before you download an app that can’t handle it.

Use an app to convert your music files to MP3. This can be done with the help of free online converters. After this, you can start downloading an app that supports video editing.

If you’re editing your next music video on your mobile phone, you can find these apps on the App Store or Google Play Store or use our recommendations above.

Things to keep in mind before using any SFX or a song

This is an important aspect of publishing video content. Doing it legally will help you avoid trouble with your video-sharing platform profile, whether it’s Instagram, a vlog, YouTube channel, or even the video ad network you’re working with. Follow these 3 tips below.

  • Get royalty-free music to avoid copyright infringement, or get permission from the artist or copyright holder if you don’t have it already.
  • Evaluate licensing agreements before buying music.
  • Choose music that is in sync with your video’s theme and genre.

How to keep the best audio quality in your final output

Guy choosing apps for adding music to videos with best quality

It can be a real bummer to find out that the audio quality is damaged badly after searching, mixing, editing, and adding music to your video app for so long.

It’s natural that video & audio qualities tend to break when exporting the final output.

This happens because many factors such as compression and exporting a reasonable file size are forcing the application’s hands.

To keep the best audio quality in your video, here’s what you need to do.

  • Don’t turn up the audio volume when editing the video in your app. Audio clipping is a real thing, and it can sound very garbage in the output.
  • Make sure you use high-quality music and SFX. If it’s 32 kbps, your music will sound like an AM radio.
  • If you want to save on the file size, check out this guide.
  • Try switching to another app. Some free apps for adding music to videos may give poor and low quality output result.

We hope you liked our recommendations and tips on the best apps for adding music to videos. Let us know if you recently bumped into a great app for video and music editing and we’ll add it to this list!