About Us

Welcome to Any Music Downloads. This is our story of Royalty-Free Music brought back to life.

Who Are We?

Any Music Downloads was established in 2019 to help creators and businesses increase their exposure and upgrade their advertising \ publishing materials by using copyrighted-free music and sound effect pieces.

We were founded to provide the perfect mediation between musical artists and clients who are looking for music clips and SFX that are right and suitable for their content needs.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to create and provide the most high-quality music tracks & soundtracks to people who need them for any use.

We want to provide music licenses in the very most convenient, flexible, and useful way to our users.

Any Music Downloads strives to create a world where music artists and sound producers can earn a decent living by providing great content to clients in a digital and easy-to-use enviorment.

Why Choose Us?

Here are 5 reasons to choose Any Music Downloads for your royalty-free music.

  1. Our music providers use the most advanced physical and digital technologies and triple-check their quality of audio and sound.
  2. We only work with creative artists who create only original music that fits your content like a glove.
  3. We have a wide range of music genres and libraries that can be chosen and downloaded for any purpose.
  4. We keep a very high standard of service by verifying our music quality and keeping in touch with our clients to ensure satisfaction.
  5. Our prices fit every pocket and some of it is also free-to-use.

A Story of an Artist and a Creator

We work with excellent teams of songwriters, singers, producers, and composers that bring life to their musical ideas and connect them to content creators of any kind.

We deliver royalty-free music across the globe to every type of business.

E-commerce website owners, video creators, filmmakers, YouTube influencers, product marketers, digital marketers & SEOs, audiobook writers, and much more types of businesses use us to excel in their content and improve their presence with great background music.

Our Team

Omri Kfir - Founder of Any Music Downloads

Omri Kfir - Founder & CEO

Omri studied Digital Marketing and FullStack Programming in Israel. He has a great passion for music and art, and he is also running one of the biggest Startup SEO & Digital marketing Agency in Israel. He came up with the idea of a high-quality platform for royalty-free music.

Ellie Rozenberg - Content Manager at Any Music Downloads

Ellie Rozenberg - Marketing Manager

Ellie lives and breathes the digital age and social media. She is our key employee who expands our digital presence and connect artists with content creators for over two years now. She is a true wizard in her field.

Andrew Coleman - Content Manager at Any Music Downloads

Andrew Coleman - Content Manager

Andrew was born in united states and started writing content since 12 years old. He gives life to text and media, and responsible for content strategies and ideas in Any Music Downloads for over two years.

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