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Apple’s Royalty-Free Music in iMovie Library: Why Is It the Best App for Your Video Projects?

Apple Royalty Free Music in iMovie

Apple Royalty Free Music in iMovie: Whether you enjoy recording home videos to capture milestone moments or are an aspiring filmmaker, everyone needs a video editor to make the final cut. You also need a music editor to elevate the drama and message with persuasive music for your video.

The Apple royalty-free music iMovie feature makes this happen. The video editing software gives users access to a carefully selected library of single-licensed tracks and SFX. The simplified UI design and sophisticated features allow you to transform your small-budget projects into high-grade cinematic pieces.

Here’s an overview of what this app offers:

The Full Scoop: What Does Apple Royalty Free Music iMovie Offer?

iMovie functions as a basic video editing software. The app is available for all Apple devices (i.e., iPhone, iMac, and iPad), making it easily accessible to vloggers and aspiring filmmakers. You can use the software to jazz up your home family videos, create spectacular birthday videos, farewell messages, or video assignments.  

For freelancers and entry-level professionals, it serves as a training space. The drag and drop mechanism allows users to edit videos easily. You can use this app for non-commercial and personal passion projects to refine your editing capabilities.

What about the music library? It’s an amazing addition to the app. The built-in archive allows you to insert suitable background music into your videos. There are different genres and sound effects available that add a dramatic effect to your story.

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Things You’ll Like  

  • A free video editing app with a built-in royalty-free music library
  • Access a full range of sound effects, instrumental and vocal tracks
  • A user-friendly interface simplifies navigation
  • Syncing the music library with Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and other music apps
  • Music control features to customize the background music
  • Social features to share your professionally edited music videos across social media platforms
  • Premium-grade video editing features

What Can Be Better?

The music library doesn’t have as many songs and sound effects as stock music libraries. Moreover, the copyright licenses are restricted to non-commercial and personal projects. If Apple extended its copyright clause, then it’ll become the ideal music video editing app for content creators.

As mentioned earlier, the app has basic editing features. Due to that, some professionals might prefer Adobe or Final Cut Pro. However, if you want to work on a small-scale project, iMovies can accommodate your needs.

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The X Factor: Mastering iMovies Couldn’t Be Any Simpler

iMovie Music Editing App Concept with Royalty Free Music

One of the biggest advantages of having an Apple royalty-free music iMovie library is that it’s time-effective. You don’t have to look far to find the right soundtrack and SFX for your video. Plus, its nifty music editing features help you add a dramatic flair to your cinematic work.

Here are some editing specs you can use for your next video project:

  • Stop your voice-overs from drowning.

Adjust the volume at specific sections of your video. You can do this by clicking and dragging the line visible at the center of the track up/down as per your needs.

  • Create sleek transitions.

If you want the background music to fade in and fade out, you can click and move the circle at the end of your track. Dragging it to the right allows the music to fade in while shifting it to the left causes it to fade out of the scene.

  • Customize the background noise.

Use the noise reduction button to adjust the background noise that takes viewers away from the scene.

Apart from this, there’s an auto-enhance tool, overlay music, and equalizer preset feature that allows users to modify the sound.  These specifications give you complete control over the sound.  

Best of all, the control movements are quick and easy to understand.  Due to this, novice videographers and music video creators can create masterpieces on this app.

Make iMovies Memorable with Impactful Editing

Overall, the Apple Royalty-Free Music iMovie library and the video editor itself offer multiple benefits to content creators. You can elevate your visuals by accessing licensed sound effects and tracks for your video.

With these 2-in-1 factors, this app has an edge over professional video editors and music streaming services. The collective features and phenomenal video editing specifications allow you to produce a cinematic masterpiece.

Plus, you can do all this and more without paying a dime.

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