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Are iMovie Soundtracks Copyrighted? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Are iMovie soundtracks copyrighted, or will you have to deal with infringement issues when you post your videos online?

Nothing’s worse than a copyright strike jeopardizing your public reputation in the virtual arena. That’s why content creators are advised to read the fine print before posting anything online thoroughly. Otherwise, your hard work will disappear due to the copyright infringement rules followed by different networking apps.

Licensed users can embed tracks and SFX to their video projects on a royalty-free basis when it comes to the iMovie sound library. However, there are specific terms and conditions to consider before you start broadcasting your video edits online.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Reading the Fine Print: What Does Apple Say about iMovie Soundtracks?

iMovie comes with a built-in music library. It allows authorized users to incorporate tracks from its playlist into video projects. Plus, Apple doesn’t charge a royalty fee when using this service for your iMovie projects. Subsequently, you can access high-quality audio media content within seconds, and you don’t have to pay a dime for these tracks.

That said, when you look at the “Media Content” clause closely, you will notice that this rule comes with limitations. Firstly, users are forbidden to distribute or monetize iMovie soundtracks “on a standalone basis.” It means you cannot share the iMovie media library under your name or sell its sound effects, jingles, and tunes without crediting the real creators and producers.

Apart from this, your edited projects with iMovie music are only permitted for personal and non-commercial use. That means selling or broadcasting videos with iMovie music is a major no-no. Content creators will have to apply for a separate license from Apple (or other relevant copyright owners) to ensure the published content doesn’t get flagged.

Are iMovie Soundtracks Copyrighted?

So, are iMovie soundtracks copyrighted or not? In short, the royalty-free regulation applies to personal projects and non-commercial ventures. That means as soon as you place a price on your edited content, you will receive a copyright notice.

What Should You Do If Your Video Gets Flagged?

Many social media networks have strict rules and screening processes to eliminate copyrighted music from your carefully edited videos. If you are using iMovie tracks for personal pursuits, you can argue that Apple has given you the license to use soundtracks and sound effects.

If the platform doesn’t remove the copyright infringement claim, look for alternatives. Importing music from legally compliant apps and seeking the right license for your leisure and business projects are reasonable ways to deal with such musically messy situations.

People Also Ask: Can You Add Music from Other Apps on iMovie Projects?

Using iMovie soundtrack in video editing

Yes, you can diversify your background music by synchronizing playlists from other apps (YouTube, Facebook) into your project. This feature works for your iMac, iPad, and iPhone.

Here’s a step by step guide to follow:

  1. Create an iMovie project.
  2. Open the project on your timeline and then tap the “Media” button.
  3. Select “Audio” and go to “My Music.”
  4. Choose the app and playlist you want.
  5. Scroll through your options and tap to select a track (or sound effect) you like.
  6. Once you decide which track you want, click the “Add Audio”  button to upload your favorite songs and sound effects.
  7. The song will seamlessly play with your video until it ends.

After this, you can use the video editing features to adjust the volume and placement of the chosen tracks. These alterations will allow you to create a professional, well-edited video without any disruptions caused by copyright claims.

Music Note: Looking for inspiration? Find out “What Popular iMovie Songs YouTubers Use?” to get new ideas.

Making Magic with iMovie

As a video editing software for simple projects, iMovie covers a lot of ground. You can use it to compile small clips, create a timelapse, birthday video, presentation, and more. The user-friendly interface and built-in playlist elevate the experience on this app.

Yet, you have to ask, “are iMovie soundtracks copyrighted?” before distributing your work online. In most cases, you can only use these copyrighted sound effects, jingles, and tracks for non-commercial projects. Ensure that you read the complete guidelines to deter legal complications and costly royalty fees.

If the copyright-free privileges stated in the official document don’t apply to your project, you can sync music from other apps. In turn, this flexibility allows you to enjoy the app with minimum repercussions.

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