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Background Music for Car Videos – Best Songs to Feature!

Background Music for Car Videos

Background Music for Car Videos: Cars are one of the coolest and the most prized possession for many. People making videos of their cars is very common, much more than you think.

There could be many different reasons you would want to make a video of a car, whether you want to send snap streaks of you out on a drive with music playing in the background and your hand on the steering wheel, film a viral TikTok video, make a video of your car to upload on a website for marketing purposes, or simply want to show off a new car.

We have handpicked the best background music for car videos that will make them appear ten times cooler.

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The Best Background Music for Car Videos

1. Steve McQueen by Shery Crow

Our very first song on the list may surprise you. The song doesn’t vibe like a song shown in a car video should, you say?

I object. Any car or film lover will get the reference.

The song gives reference to the iconic Ford Mustang GT that Steve McQueen drove in perhaps the most iconic car chase in cinematic history, in the film ‘Bulitt’.

Any mention of Steve McQueen makes everything better, and whoever gets the reference will probably think your car video is the coolest ever to exist.

2. Tokyo Drift by Teriyaki Boyz

Tokyo Drift is another song that has a close connection to a movie, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which. The third movie from The Fast and the Furious series exhibits a wide array of cars and car races that have this song playing in the background anytime the going gets fierce. Choosing this soundtrack for your car video will give off an intense quality that will attract all car enthusiasts.

3. Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean

A fool-proof way of grabbing attention from other people is having this song play in the background of your car video.

The song’s a timeless classic and when you combine it with your cool car’s ambiance, you have yourself a drive you’ll likely remember as one of the best times.

A Car Video with Music

4. Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

An upbeat song will instantly get you grooving to the beat while you show off your car. It doesn’t matter if the video is for commercial purposes or you simply want to flaunt your ride. This song will draw attention to it much like how you would look at the dance moves of a crazy person (yes, Danza Kuduro is Portuguese for ‘to swing like a crazy person!)

5. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Not every song that you play in the background of your car video needs to be an upbeat one. Although it came out in 2015, this song is already a classic in the music industry. The tempo of the song is slow, and if you sync the dong to every angle of your car in the video, it will give ample time for others to check out your car.

Despite having no obvious references to cars, this song is well-known for being an ode to Paul Walker after his premature death in a car crash.

6. Get Low by DJ Snake

This electronic dance music does not have too many lyrics. It contains the same few repetitive lines interspersed here and there with a few exclamations. What makes this song special is its beat composed by the illustrious DJ Snake that has you feeling so many things with just music.

If you choose this song, you could transition your car video in so many ways, syncing it with the music in whatever way you will, and it will still bang.

Take the Wheel and Gear Up for Your Next Car Video!

We chose a mix of songs inspired by the history of cars that are sensational and groovy. They’re perfect for your next car video. Get on the driving seat, take the wheel and get on to making that video. Who knows, it could be the next to go viral fast!

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