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Background Music For Presentations and PowerPoint Slideshows

Background music for presentation in work

Background music for presentations or musically influenced background noise such as waves crashing on a beach is one of the best ways to keep your audience’s attention from wandering off. It has been found that soothing and calming tunes are ideal for presentations because they have an uplifting effect on people by making them feel more relaxed while boosting their mood at the same time.

Background music is a great tool to control how much information you want to present during each segment in order to avoid confusing audiences with too many facts all at once; it helps break up monotonous parts of the presentation. Like slideshows, where nothing is happening visually other than text moving across a screen until someone changes what’s being said into something new about halfway through. This is where music for presentations takes a huge part.

The Importance of Background Music in Video or PowerPoint Demonstrations

So you’ve been working on a training video for your team, or that big presentation for your team and/or boss, toiling through the mud to finish up the PowerPoint slideshows and Google Slides as efficiently as possible. Now you have the project finished, and the meat of the creation is ready to be presented to your peers; and yet, you can’t shake the feeling that something is missing from the presentation. And that’s precise because something is, and that something is background music.

Although a crucial aspect of completing a video/gallery presentation, the addition of background music or some kind of secondary tone to set the mood is often an overlooked one; more in favor of things like special effects or other visual gimmicks to wow the intended audience. This is a grave mistake, however, as the presence of background music can serve to even more steadfastly reinforce your message into the heads of those in the room.

With the usage of background music, you can serve to amplify the intensity of whatever presentation you are giving, as well as help aid you in getting your audience in the right set of mind in order to absorb the info being presented to them. It may even be just as simple as the background track sounding nice, causing a listener to tune in where they otherwise may not have.

Regardless, the simple fact of the matter is that you need to put the proper amount of emphasis on your background music, as it can either amplify or dampen the effectiveness of your overall presentation. With these points hopefully being made clear, our intention with this article will be to inform you of key tenets to keep in mind when making the optimal choice for your background music. So without further ado, let us begin!

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Key Tenets of Good Background Music for Slideshows

Presenting background music for PowerPoint slideshows

We will now take this chance to delve into 3 key tenets that one should always keep in mind when applying good background music to their projects, regardless of the nature of the task! If you are searching for music for your presentation or video right now, here’s where you can find good background music.

Set The Tone

The most important thing to remember and keep in mind when dealing with the application of background music is that you want whatever track you choose to fit the tone of the project. The audio and melody that you apply in the background have to be appropriate to the content of the project itself; if the subject matter of your project is bombastic, powerful & energetic then your background track should sound as such.

Not only will this help set the tone and make your intended message clearer, but it’ll also serve to further get your audience into the set of mind that you want them to be in.

Keep Timing & Volume Appropriate

The next tenet we can provide for the effective usage of background music is to simply keep everything appropriate. Try to keep a keen eye for moments in your presentation which may benefit from a lack of music for a small period, and on the flip side keep an eye out for moments that will require that extra dramatic flair.

If you want to really invest yourself, you can even break it down into a playlist that switches between tunes at certain points within the presentation for maximum effect.

Royalty Free Music for Work or Study Presentations

Work and Study presentations with music

The last tenet we’ll mention is the possibility of using royalty-free music to your advantage. It is very low-cost, efficient, and is the go-to method to whip up quick & effective background tracks for projects nowadays. Usually, a keynote of this process is the usage of platforms such as Canva in order to mold everything together once it’s done. Here are some stock music sources you can use for your next presentation. If you’re into video presentations, you can also check out our recommendation on the best free video editing software.