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Best Background Music for Training Videos

Man listening to background music for training videos

Videos are quickly becoming the future when it comes to training, whether it’s for students or employees. With the need for distance learning increasing, so too is the need for training videos. If you’re an educator, producer, or video editor, you will learn here that one of the most important things you can add to your videos that will set you apart from the rest is to use music for training videos.

Music That Spotlights The Instructions in Your Videos

Considering “How-To” videos and tutorials are your bread and butter tools, you must spotlight the instruction in your videos. Generally, make your videos as compelling as you can, which means components such as music need to stay ambiance and not be in the foreground.

Yet, music should still be an essential part of your tutorial videos. It will keep people enamored with your videos and maintain pacing, continuity, and tone.

Music will also keep your videos from getting too dull. It comes down to your music keeping a balance between being captivating but not too intrusive.

Good music played in the background will set the tone and feel of your training video and add a little spice and flavor to the instructional experience.

Even when the content is notably boring, having the perfect musical backdrop can improve the viewer’s retention of the subject. Having the right background track for your video is a detail that will give your viewer the most desirable experience for learning.

When choosing the perfect genre of music for training videos, keep your audience in mind their interests, age, and location.

Why Should I Mix Music in My Training Videos?

Student listening to background music for training videos

Viewing a video with no music is like cooking food with no seasoning. What works best is non-vocal or instrumental music. It can be electronic or acoustic tracks. You don’t want to use songs with a memorable beat, just something that matches the tone and style of your video.

Although it sounds like a tiny thing, music can make or break your training video. Too strong, and the music will distract the viewer. If it’s too fast, it will make the footage complicated.

When the selection is the right for your instructional video, the music will enhance the training experience and emotionally connect the viewer to the subject matter. That’s why it’s important to mix music in instructional videos. If you’re just getting started and looking for video editing software, here’s a great list of the best video editing software for music videos.

Now Your Students are Hooked

You want to make your instructional video unique and arouse emotion in the viewer. You can achieve this goal by choosing songs that are unique and creative. Take your time, don’t just select the first song you come across, be thoughtful with your choices.

There is a torrent of quality royalty-free music available online, and even YouTube has a music library with thousands of free music to download, making it easy to find the perfect track. If you are not quite sure yet what royalty-free music is, check out our guide on what does royalty free music mean

Another excellent source for high-quality audio tracks is Facebook. You can find downloads from their audio library of music and sound effects free. Make sure you are using Of course, before using any kind of free music, don’t forget to read the small prints on if you should credit the royalty-free music on your training videos to avoid copyright claims or strikes. If by any chance you receive a copyright claim on Facebook, here’s how to remove it.

Hope you like this guide on using music in your training videos. Let us know which playlist you think is best for your instructional videos!

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