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Top 6 Ad Blockers for Spotify in 2022

Best Spotify ad blockers

Ad Blocker for Spotify: For Spotify free users, the constant playing of ads is perhaps the biggest headache. If you’re struggling with the same problem, you might be on the lookout for the best Spotify ad blocker. In this article, we will look at the top Spotify ad blockers so you can enjoy your music without any interruption.

1. EZBlocker (Windows)

EZBlocker blocks excessive ads by muting them. In simple words, it mutes an ad so that the music continues to play, and the ad eventually passes on once it is finished. Here are the steps you need to follow to use EZBlocker.

Step #1 – Download EZBlocker. Just ensure you’re using Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 with .NET Framework 4.5+.

Step #2 – Right-click the EZBlocker.exe and choose “Run as Administrator.”

Step #3 – This will automatically launch the Spotify app. You can play any song, and it’s going to mute the advertisements from Spotify music in the background.

Note: Even though EZBlocker is a free Spotify adblocker, it sometimes might not work as stably as you want it to work. For example, it can accidentally mute a song rather than an advertisement.

2. StopAd (Mac and Windows)

The next free Spotify ad blocker on our list is StopAd. It can block advertisements in the Spotify desktop app on Mac and Windows and in Spotify web player. However, at present, it does not block audio ads on the Spotify mobile application. Simply use the following steps to use StopAd to block ads from playing on Spotify.

Step #1 – Install and launch the StopAd application on your laptop or computer.

Step #2 – Navigate to “Settings” located at the bottom left side of the StopAd main window.

Step #3 – Tap “Applications.” Now press “Search app” and enter Spotify in the search bar.

Step #4 – Tick the check box and then click “Add to filtering.”

3. Host File

Top most popular Spotify ad blocker

Another excellent way to block Spotify ads is by revising the host file on your Mac or Windows. We will look at how you can block ads on both operating systems using this technique.

Block Ads on Windows

Step #1 – Follow the pathway and locate the host file under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Step #2 – Drop the host addresses you would like to add under the host’s file. Now save the file and close the window. After you have modified the host file, refresh the DNS cache with “ipconfig/flushdns” using Administrator privileges.

Step #3 – Open the Spotify app to enjoy ad-free music.

Block Ads on Mac

Step #1 – To locate hosts files, head over to the Finder menu in the Finder. Under the Finder menu bar, click go and follow the path “/private/etc/hosts.”

Step #2 – Add the addresses of the hosts in the host file located at the bottom. Again save the file and close the window. You can also edit the file by using the command “sudo vim /etc/hosts” or “sudo nano /etc/hosts.”

Step #3 – Right-click Spotify. Now choose Open Package Content and choose Contents/Resources/Apps

Step #4 – Delete “

Apart from the three ways listed above, here are some other Spotify ad blockers that you can use to keep those annoying ads at bay.

4. Spotify Desktop Adblocker

Spotify Desktop Adblocker uses a proxy network to bypass Spotify’s ad servers. It is essentially a proxy setup, and after you install it, it gets activated in the Spotify settings, thereby connecting your account to the proxy servers. This stops ads from playing while you listen to music on Spotify.

5. BlockTheSpot

BlockTheSpot is a multi-purpose ad blocker. It allows you to block ads on Spotify and bypass the limited skips on the free Spotify Windows app. It makes a modified application containing some features of a paid account.

6. SpotMute

SpotMute is an ad blocker that stops ads from playing. It mutes the volume when an ad starts running on Spotify on your Android device and then increases it once the ad is finished. The best thing about this Spotify ad blocker is that it doesn’t ask for any sensitive information and is, therefore, one of the safest and easiest ways to block ads.

Last Few Words on Choosing an Ad Blocker for Spotify

It’s hard to blame Spotify for running ads on its platform. After all, it does allow you to access unlimited music for free! However, if you are still annoyed and bothered by ads, you can simply use any of the Spotify ad blockers listed above to enhance your Spotify experience.