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Best Adventure Background Music for Reels, Vlogs, Videos, and Gaming

Making the perfect adventure video

Best Adventure Background Music: Who doesn’t like going on an adventure? One that is complete with a flashback of memories in the form of a video. If you have an eye for creating travel vlogs or videos about your recent skydiving or camping trips, then there is a way to add some pizzazz to your videos. And that is by having the perfect adventure background music!

It may not sound that important at first, but with the right tunes, you can observe a difference in your video right away! If you are struggling to figure out what type of adventure background music to go for, then you have come to the right place. Here you are sure to find the answer to all your queries. To learn more about the types of adventure background music, read ahead.

Best Adventure Background Music Tips

Here are some adventure background music tips to keep an eye out for. You don’t want to have a video that has adventure background music that is out of place.

1. Music That Matches The Pace Of The Video

If your adventure video is a time lapse of nature, then having music that is full of energy may not cut it. Instead, you can opt for surreal and mellow background music that gels in well with the theme of the video. For a video that is about sports activities, going for an energetic song that comes with motivational lyrics is what can work. The bottom line thus is to make sure the adventure background music matches the theme of your content.

2. Don’t Overdo It

You don’t want to give the impression that you have tried too hard. Instead of adding multiple background songs, stick to one or two songs at max. This is enough to keep the viewer engaged. Similarly, you can play around with the volume of the adventure background music as well. Add in clips of people talking or you narrating your overall experience. For these parts remember to add in some adventure background music at the back but at a very low volume.

Why Choosing The Right Music Matters

Having the right adventure background music in your videos, especially those that are about adventure, fun, and excitement, can not only add some glamour into your content but also keep the viewer engaged. You don’t want to end up having a high bounce rate where people shut your video without even watching it till the end.

Here are some of the reasons why adding the right type of music matters.

  • Makes your video content stand out from among your competitors
  • Keeps the viewer engaged in your content and has them look forward to more videos
  • Helps you reach a wider audience as your content gets shared
  • ● Improves the quality of your videos and adds some structure to it
  • Helps your content or video target the right emotions
  • Improves your brand’s visibility in the market – especially if you are a travel group that organizes camping or adventure trips
Going on an adventure

Some Songs You Can Include In Your Adventure Music Videos

There are a few exciting songs that can be the playback soundtrack to your adventure videos. You can try them out and take feedback from your friends and family members to get a better idea of which one fits in best with your content. Here are some popular songs that you can look into for your next project.

  • Wake Me Up – Avicii
  • All The Way – Timeflies
  • Meant To Be – Arc North
  • Holy Ghost – GameFace
  • Car Song – Woody Guthrie
  • Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

Wrapping It Up With The Right Energy!

To bring your adventure videos and content to life, you now know what to do. With a wide range of options available where you can download royalty-free music, you can get started without delay. All that’s left to do is shortlist a few songs, experiment a little, and have the perfect adventure background music added to your video. And, this all can be done within minutes!

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