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The Best Background Music for an Interview Video: How to Find It

Background music for interview video

Best Background Music for Interview Video: Using background music for interview videos is an excellent way to enhance the tone of your videos, boost engagement with your audience, and make your message more impactful by evoking particular feelings in your listener.

It might sound counterintuitive, but the best background music for interview videos is music that you do not notice or hears

Choosing the right kind of music for your interview video and then blending it with the dialogue for the right effect is a real skill.

If you get it right, you will notice a major improvement in your video. However, if you get it wrong, you risk undermining the message of the interview.

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How to Choose the Right Background Music for Interview Videos

This list is going to serve as a guide to help you pick the right background music for interview videos. Some of the questions here might sound obvious, but trust us, they are super important in helping you select the best option.

1. Do You Need Background Music?

Whether you need background music for an interview video depends on the duration and topic of the interview. For instance, a short 1-minute interview about a soccer game is going to sound great with sporty music playing in the background. Nevertheless, an interview on a serious topic such as losing a loved one will sound best without any kind of music.

2. What’s the Primary Tone, Feeling or Mood of the Interview?

Writing down the primary tone, feeling, or mood of the interview is going to help you fine-tune your search and make sure your music emphasizes the interview’s message. For instance, a political interview will have a serious tone, whereas a business interview will have a professional feel to it.

After you’ve identified the tone, feeling, or mood for your interview, you can then search for the relevant music.

3. Are there Any High-Pitched Instruments in Your Music?

Music playing in the background of an interview video

When selecting background music for your interview videos, it is important that none of the instruments in your selected music are at the same frequency range or pitch as the interview conversations or voices.

For instance, a flute might have the same frequency range and pitch as a female speaker. Thus, using background music with flutes on an interview featuring a female interviewee or interviewer with a high-pitched voice will not sound too good. In fact, the flute sound might overshadow the dialogues making the video sound pretty bad.

Always make sure that your selected background music for an interview video doesn’t compete for the same sonic or audio space as your interview dialogues.

To sum it up, your selected background music for interview videos should have the same tone or mood as your interview message. Additionally, the musical sounds and instruments of your chosen music shouldn’t compete or interfere with the same frequency range or audio space of your interview voices.

Best Background Music for Interview Videos

Here are a few links to free background music for interview videos that you can download and use.

  1. Grow: A happy and upbeat tune that goes well with lighthearted and fun interviews.
  2. Dreaming: This clip features a relaxed and calm electronic piano tune and is perfect for entertainment and lifestyle interview videos.
  3. Sonic: This royalty-free tune features underwater vibes and water influences coupled with soft tones and chilled electronic beats. It is great for sports interviews.

Where to Find Background Music for Interview Videos

A great place to find background music for interview videos is Envato Elements. This is an online platform that offers sound effects and songs for digital content creators in exchange for a monthly subscription.

It works quite simply – you sign up, search for the music or song that best goes with your interview, and download it.

Moreover, the Envato Elements search system lets you find the music you’re looking for by transmitted sensation or musical genre, among other filters.

Apart from providing over 90,000 songs, this platform also offers access to various sound effects, which depending on the extent of your interview, can really entertain and engage your audience.

Last Few Words

Using background music for interview videos can really take your videos, content, and podcasts to the next level. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to choose the right music and set the audio levels properly.

If the background music is too loud, it will interfere with the dialogue, and your audience might not be too forgiving, even if it’s the best interview out there!