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Best Background Music for Retail Shops & Stores

Retail music background music for shops

Background music for retail shops: All retail stores need background music to keep their customers engaged and to create a good overall environment for their shop. Effective background music can be the difference between a store that makes you want to leave and one that captures your imagination and makes you want to stay for hours. It is a subtle but powerful tool in a store owner’s arsenal for influencing shoppers.

However, there are a lot of licensing matters that should be addressed before retail and commercial spaces use music that is freely available online.

Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing music for your store’s background because it needs to be royalty-free. If you’re someone who is responsible for picking music for a retail store, then you’ll need recommendations for royalty free platform subscriptions where you can access various kinds of playlists easily.

Keep reading below to learn about the best royalty free music subscription platforms for your retail store.

Music LibraryTypePriceVisit
AudioJungleMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $1 Per SongAudioJungle
Envato ElementsMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $2 Per Song / $16.5 for Monthly SubscriptionEnvato Elements
TunePocketMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $14.5 / Monthly SubscriptionTunePocket
SoundstripeMembership / Pay Per Track Starting $12 / Monthly Subscription Soundstripe

The Power of Background Music in Reatils and Stores

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In a world of many distractions, background music is a way to provide a sense of order and create the right atmosphere in the store.

Background music in retail shops is one of the most powerful tools that retailers can use to influence customer behavior. It’s easy to see why, given that it has been shown time and again that pleasant sound can promote spending behavior in customers.

Music can help create an atmosphere to draw shoppers into the store while also creating a sense of movement and activity. The right mix of background music can even increase sales by making customers feel more comfortable while shopping and creating a sense of excitement and satisfaction once they’ve left the store.

Shopping in fashion clothing store with background music

Music can change the mood of customers and it can also be used to promote certain products or shops. For example, a coffee shop might play happy music while a juice bar might play relaxing tunes to help customers feel more relaxed while they have a juice.

Background music is one of the best ways for retailers to create a better shopping experience for their customers and increase customer loyalty.

Background Music Sources for Shopping Malls and Retails


Epidemic Sound is another excellent royalty free music platform. All the music offered by this platform can be used in your retail store. They also keep updating the music library continuously. The subscription cost of Epidemic Sound has the following structure:

  • €13/month for channels with 0-500,000 monthly visits
  • €27/month for channels with up to 5 million monthly visits
  • €125/month for an unlimited number of visits


Audiio is a great resource for the best royalty free music. This platform offers a unique subscription model, which allows you to make a one-time payment and get access to royalty free music for life. The lifetime subscription costs a one-time payment of $299 only. You’ll be able to download any song that the platform offers for free for the next 100 years. There are also options for $16.60/monthly or and $199/yearly subscriptions.   


Soundstripe is one of the best platforms known for high-quality music. It is updated with new tracks and tunes regularly. Around 250 new songs are added to the platform on a monthly basis. They offer an annual subscription that costs $115.


Envato Elements is easily one of the largest royalty-free music platforms out there. It offers a monthly subscription that costs $16.50/month to use any of its music online. You can easily access and download music to play in your retail store. They have an extensive library of songs, sound effects, and tunes. You should also check out their second platform called AudioJungle for more variety.   

Pick the best Music for your Retail Store

Music for retail shops to engage consumers

When it comes to royalty free music for your retail store, you need to be careful about choosing the right subscription so you get access to music that makes your store feel welcoming. Check out the different subscriptions we have discussed above to pick the best fit. Make sure you choose a subscription model that benefits you in the long run.

Background Music for Retail Shops – Related Questions

What are the benefits of using background music in a retail shop?

A recent trend in modern retailers is to use background music during shopping hours.

The benefits of using background music for retail shops include:

  • It increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • It boosts staff productivity and creates an atmosphere of positivity among employees.
  • It improves the overall store ambiance and mood.

How can you use background music to increase sales in a retail store?

Background music is a powerful tool to use when trying to increase sales in a retail store. In fact, studies have found that background music can increase sales by up to 55% and make customers 79% more likely to buy.

The right type of background music (i.e. upbeat) also has the power to make shoppers stay longer and spend more money during their visits.

What types of background music can be used in a retail shop?

Different types of background music can help keep your customers engaged and entertained with what they’re doing.

What do I need to know about the rights of background music in a retail shop?

The rights of background music are not always clear-cut. If you are the owner of a retail shop, you should be cautious about how you use background music on your premises.

For example, if there is a recording on your premises that was not purchased from the copyright holder, then it may infringe on their copyright and they have legal recourse against you.

Who is likely to purchase items from a shop when there is background music playing?

Researches tell us that it is likely that when background music is playing in a shop, more consumers will be looking for things to buy. Also, if the music changes before consumers notice, they will shift their focus and look for products again.

The key takeaway from this study is that consumers who are expecting background music do not get distracted by other sounds.

How much does it cost to install and maintain a good quality background music system in a retail shop?

It is important for retailers to choose the type of system that they invest in so that the investment does not go to waste. The cost of installing and maintaining a quality background music system varies between $50 and $500 and the cost depends on the size of the shop.

What types of stores typically use background music in their shops?

Based on many surveyes, the most likely answer would be that restaurants are more likely to have background music, followed by coffee shops than boutiques.

Stores in the fashion industry use mostly pop and jazz tunes in their shops.

Some stores might not have any background music at all, while others might have rock or classical background music. But it’s also true that you’ll find stores using different types of background music, depending on what type of mood they are trying to get across.

Stores that are selling high-end fashion items tend to use more classical or rock tracks while boutiques could go for more pop-oriented tunes.

Should I only use instrumental music?

A well-known survey done by the department of retail management at Washington University in St. Louis found that instrumental tunes are most commonly used in stores to attract customers.

This is because instrumental tunes are usually upbeat and are easily recognizable to most people. They are also more likely to trigger memories or emotions within them, so they tend to have a positive effect on the customers who hear them.

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