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9 Best Birthday Video Makers in 2021

Balloons for the Best birthday video makers online

The best birthday video makers in 2021: You no longer have to hire an expensive camera and cameraman to take your birthday videos with the current age. Though it might spice things up, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to capture those beautiful moments. However, when you do, you tend to get a lot of clips scattered all over your phone, and you might not even understand what the event was. Now, instead of having this confusion on your phone, you could combine all these clips into one video clip. How do you do that?

Choosing the Best Birthday Video Maker Online – Where to Start?

All you have to do is visit online video-making websites and get rolling. Additionally, if you do not like web-based video-making platforms, you can choose third-party video editing and making applications. This piece will give you a list of the best birthday video makers that will help you record and preserve that wonderful moment of your life.

1. Renderforest

If you are looking for the best birthday video maker, then you just found it. Essentially, Renderforest is an online video editing and making tool that comes with many guides to help you get started with video making. These guides allow you to make greeting cards for birthdays, videos, and slideshow presentations. All these come with great music and editing to ensure that your birthday video is of top quality. also comes with an extensive gallery of video and animation production guides. However, some of these guides require a subscription, and therefore, you might have to part with a few dollars. Is Renderforest all premium and cash-upfront? No, Renderforest offers many free guides and options that are enough to cover your birthday video needs. However, if you need something more, you can use the premium guides for a small fee.

2. Smilebox

This is another web-based video-making and editing app that comes with tons of options and features for your videos. If you need a fast video maker, then this is your go-to option. Smilebox is fast, easy, and friendly. Essentially, all you have to do is choose your favorite video design from the guides provided. Once you get the guides you like, customize them with your birthday photos and music. Typically, Smilebox customization has excellent abilities and features that will make the moments unforgettable.

Once you are done with customization, it is time to get your friends and loved ones to see them. How do you do this? You share on your platform and let everybody enjoy your great moment with you. Some of the wonderful features of Smilebox include tracking guest attendance, unlimited storage for your images and video, conversion of videos to still images, high-quality, downloadable images, and the ability to share your creation on your favorite social media platforms.

3. Animoto

Do you want to make your birthday video in an instant? Animoto is another online and web-based video-making and editing app. It currently serves more than 13 million. If you wonder why it is so popular, you may have to visit it and take a look. In essence, it is one of the best video-making platforms out there with the simple but best tools. In an instance, you can create a compelling birthday video with not much of a hassle.

Typically, all you have to do is choose the guides you want regarding background style and music, customize them with your video and images, and then click to share. With Animoto, you will not need any actual editing or video-making skills. You need to know what you want in your video and how you want it to look and sound.

Once the video is ready, you can send it to your friends and relatives through your favorite social media platforms. If you prefer to use your phone, Animoto has applications for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can drag and drop the captured moments from the gallery of your iPhone into the Animoto editor and get rolling.

4. Jibjab

Nothing is as vital as celebrating your birthday with a great video that makes you laugh your lungs out. With Jibjab, you can create the most compelling yet funniest videos from your birthday clips. Typically, Jibjab allows you to select from an extensive collection of themes from where you can make your birthday video. Now, Jibjab is not your traditional video-making platform. Essentially, though you will make a video with Jibjab, you will not be getting a home movie. Typically, Jibjab converts your video into an ecard format that you can send to friends and family.

5. Kizoa

Kizoa - Birthday videos editor online

If you are looking for a platform that makes video editing and making easier than a child’s play, then you should take a look at Kizoa. The platform is online and web-based. Additionally, you don’t have to pay some registration fees to get started. Though it offers a basic and simple editing platform, Kizoa video editing has a professional-looking interface to help you get started with other video editing tools.

In essence, you won’t just create great-looking videos in simple and basic steps but also get the experience of an excellent platform. You can upload images from your computer or Facebook to Kizoa for editing. Some great features provided by Kizoa include great backgrounds, inbuilt photos, intros, and outros for videos and guides. Video creators in this platform have listed the interface, simplicity, and significant transitions as the most compelling features.

6. Wevideo

Are you looking to make a birthday video that is nothing short of a movie? Well, with Wevideo, you can do just that. The platform is an online cloud-based platform with tons of advanced features and abilities. The platform comes with basic and advanced features that you can choose depending on your specific needs. Unlike a good number of video editing and making tools out there, Wevideo offers cloud storage. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your mobile device storage or the storage on your computer.

With cloud storage, you also get the option to take your time when making and editing your video. Nothing good comes from rushing, right? Since you will be using cloud storage, you can always take a break from the editing and come back with more fresh ideas about making your birthday video look great. Other features that you get from this editor include fast motion, slow motion, and great transitions.

7. Animaker

Animaker is a website-based video editing and making platform that allows you to create your birthday video. Essentially, you can upload videos, images, and even your happy birthday songs with this platform. With tons of guides to choose from, you can create a complete video in just a few clicks.

With Animaker, you will first have to select the template that you like. Once you have the guide, the next step is adding the images or music. Now, you can drag and drop the images or music to the Animaker to add them since the guides come with a set of titles and descriptions that you can edit. You can also add your own customized descriptions and titles. Once you are done, the next step is adding some effects and royalty-free music.

8. Picovico

Picovico is essentially the best birthday video maker. It allows video-makers to create wonderful moments through videos and images. Some of the basic features of include:

  • An extensive collection of guides
  • Slideshow maker
  • The ability to add music that has no copyright
  • Animations

In general, with Picovico, you get to make your birthday video into a movie. You have to select the video and images you want to add to the selected template and click the prompts. However, Picovico requires registration before you can create your first video. In addition, you may have to part with approximately $9.99 if you want to remove the watermark from your video.

9. Wideo

Are you looking for a birthday video maker with a song online? Well, Wideo is a great platform where you can get started. You have to add the images, videos, and audio, and the platform will do the rest. The created video is downloadable in high quality, and you can also control who views your videos.

Using Royalty Free Music on Your Videos

Royalty free music in a birthday video

Apart from audio recorded from your devices, you may want to use royalty-free music. Essentially, you can add this kind of birthday songs into the video timeline by making a purchase. It is easy to use and does not subject you to legal battles in the future.

In wrapping up, you have a tone of options. Depending on what you need and how you need to share it, you can make your birthday as memorable as possible. Different platforms will give you different options but great results nevertheless. Therefore, try the online platforms if you do not have the time to start from scratch and edit the birthday video from your computer. Some of them are free, while others require some payment before you can edit or download the video. Others will let you create the video but charge you to remove the watermark.

Birthday Video Maker Online with Music and Effects Free

Birthday video maker online with music and effects for free is the best option for you to make your own birthday video. You can pick any music of your choice from the list and add any number of effects as per your requirement.

It is an easy-to-use tool that will help you create a video within minutes. It offers a wide variety of themes as well as many customization options which you can choose from, such as adding text, changing music, overlaying text on photos, etc.

The online video maker is a great tool for beginners to make videos. Best of all, it’s free! The best part about this tool is that you can choose the length of your video. You can make it as long or short as you want.

You also have the option to add happy music. There are many different types of music to choose from, so it’s perfect if you are trying to find a soundtrack for your video. This software has cool features like adding captions and adding titles too.

Inserting Sound Effects

A celebratory video with sound effects is not complete without the sound of children giggling and playing. However, adding these sounds to the video can be tricky.

Sound effects for birthday videos are not premade or premixed. You need to find some sounds that you like and then mix them together into one long audio file. This tutorial will show you how to do just that.

First, you need to find some sounds of children laughing and playing on the internet. The kids in this video are 7 years old but any age will do as long as they are alive enough so that it seems like they are having fun while they play around with some toys in their living room.

The easiest place for this is YouTube but if you can’t find anything suitable there, go ahead and use your own sound effects from footage of your child.

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