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3 Best Music Apps for Businesses in 2022

Music App for Business

Best Music App for Business: Whether you run a cafe, retail shop, supermarket, or a B2B organization, playing background music in your workspace can positively impact your revenues. It allows your clients and employees to have their movie moment as they work and shop to a soundtrack that fits their mood.

We don’t base these statements on our love for all things music. Instead, we did a quick survey of consumer interests and employee work habits that illustrate:

  • Pre-pandemic, nearly 80% of global shoppers confessed that uplifting music adds to their in-store experience. (MoodMedia, 2019)
  • Reports disclose that 58% of participants consider music as the best way to unwind and de-stress (Global World Index, 2021)
  • Experts recommend listening to music for at least half an hour to boost concentration and productivity. (New York Times, 2012)

In other words, music might play an influential role in helping you reach a sizable bottom line.

To ensure that you stream music legally at your workplace, we compare the best music apps for business. We’ve shared a few tricks to make the selection advantageous for your business with our checklist.

Let’s take a look at the holy trinity of music streaming services:

Contender Number One: Soundtrack Your Brand

Music app for business

Soundtrack for Your Brand is one of the best music app for business and promises to make workdays musical with licensed soundtracks, ready-to-play compilations, and customizable specs. This virtual app optimizes control as staff members pick and play the tracks that match the mood.

More importantly, the streaming service takes care of details that tend to block your access to mainstream music.

Specs You’ll Enjoy

  • Licensed music for commercial usage (including BMI and ASCAP)
  • Millions of royalty-free songs and over 300 pre-made playlists
  • Sync your Spotify playlists without any legal setbacks
  • Easy-to-control with a companion app for corporate-inclined customization in real-time
  • One month free trial to take the app for musical test-drive
  • Integrated with SONOS for an enhanced listening experience

What’s the Cost? It’s reasonably priced with standard charges beginning from $26.99/monthly expenses.

Contender Number Two: SoundSuit

Soundsuit for businesses

Soundsuit can function as a digital jukebox for B2B and B2C clients that you can use to keep employees and clients entertained. The versatile tool maximizes user control with its interactive interface and adjustable settings. Use its extensive music library to hop from one genre to another or play a similar-sounding soundtrack in the background.

It covers location-based licensing, making it the best music app for business.

Specs You’ll Enjoy

  • Easy to set up and play
  • Millions of tracks categorized according to niche work environments
  • Pre-set playlists to appeal to your ambiance and organizational goals  
  • Mood-based scheduling
  • Blocks ads and NSFW music content
  • Mobile-friendly music control app
  • Legally compliant music licensing for business
  • Included a SONOS support for premium-grade sound quality
  • Non-obligatory trial for 30 days

What’s the Cost? It’s a budget-aligned app that costs no more than $26.99/monthly.


Contender Number One: Rockbot

Rockbot - Music App

Rockbot takes the third position on our list of corporate-centric music streaming apps. It offers BMI and ASCAP music licensing without any additional costs. An intelligent media archive creates automated playlists and personable soundtracks to accommodate individual needs. Additionally, it allows companies to create mood-based playlists scheduled according to routine activities and special events.

The only setback is its shorter trial, which might not feel adequate for new users to explore the platform thoroughly.

Specs You’ll Enjoy

  • 6 million songs available for commercial and public use
  • Real-time notifications via message (at additional cost)
  • Schedule songs according to daytime/nighttime mood
  • Compatible with SONOS for higher music quality
  • Integrates with Spotify playlists for better customization
  • A week-long free trial with zero-commitments

What’s the Cost? Relatively cheaper than our other picks with a $24.95 monthly service charge.

The Checklist: Optimize Your Search for the Right Music Platform

Employers using music apps

Our reviews give you a glimpse of what each app offers.

However, you need to align their advantages with your company targets to make a wise decision.

Here’s how you can do this:

Ask These Big Questions Before Choosing an App

Before you say “yes” to the best music app for business, think things through.

Here are some serious questions to consider:

  • Is the app user-friendly?  Select a streaming service that features filters, target-based search algorithms, and other client-oriented offerings. These functional details allow you to avoid embarrassing situations where inappropriate lyrics blare through the sound system during stakeholder meetings.
  • Does the music app offer a free trial? Live demos and trial programs to ensure that the streaming service you choose adds value to your business. Otherwise, you’ll wind up paying for an app that doesn’t fit your corporate culture.
  • Do you have sufficient money to pay for the selected service? Startups and small businesses should only register for paid services if it matches their budget. Compare prices to make a cost-effective decision.
  • Does the streaming service require extra hardware? Many corporate-oriented apps need compatible sound systems. Always consider this factor to limit unexpected expenses.
  • How many songs does the royalty-free music library have? Pay for an app that allows you to switch playlists and mix tracks to align with corporate mood and context—selecting apps with limited music content.

You can also review case studies and client stories to check if competitors and influential industry players use the same app. It’ll ensure that your final decision matches your niche corporate/customer profile.

Music Hack: If pre-selected playlists don’t work for you, create customized playlists. You can select subtle, instrumental tracks for offices (like this) and faster numbers for in-store playlists (like this). Or music for coffee shops, therapy waiting rooms, and exhibitions.

Understand Music Licensing Before Making a Costly Mistake

Think you’ll plug and play music from YouTuber, Spotify, or Apple Music?  

While those streaming apps are perfect for personal use, you might get entangled in a lawsuit if you use them for commercial purposes. These music licensing and copyright regulations ensure that artists receive their fair due when businesses use their music to promote products, create store ambiance, or attract audience attention.

Therefore, you should go through all legal strings attached to your shortlisted music streaming services.

Music Hack: Need more info? Here’s a Practical Guide to Legally Play Music In Your Business to limit legal complications whenever you stream music at work.

Balancing Business Circles with the Perfect Playlist

In the end, our carefully selected list of best music apps for business and your customized selection leads to a sensational soundtrack for your company. Use it to opt for an app that maintains energy levels during everyday operations and kicks things up a notch at corporate events. Striking the ideal balance will ensure that your customer base and employees enjoy time spent on your premises.

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