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The Best Music for Facebook Ads and Videos

Best music played in a Facebook video advertisement

Best Music for Facebook Ads – Music is an important part of any video. It can set the mood, increase feelings of nostalgia, create a sense of enthusiasm, and more.

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Facebook has a huge network of people. It is in a position to serve ads in a more engaging manner, and there are many types of music that can be used in ads on Facebook. You can choose from classical music to pop or rock songs. Other options are instrumental background music or royalty-free songs that you have the right to use for your video with or without paying the small fees.

The type of music you choose will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish with your ad and who your audience is.

In this article, we tell you the best music for Facebook ads that will help you get more clicks and drive traffic to your business.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has been providing advertisers with more ways to get their ads in front of people. One of these ways is through video ads. Facebook Ads are videos that are typically 15-seconds long and can be uploaded directly from your computer or uploaded from a URL.

Video advertising is on the rise, so it’s no surprise that Facebook made this new feature available to advertisers who want to take advantage of this trend.

With Facebook video ads, you can now create videos that are 120 seconds long. These videos are capable of playing automatically without the need for your viewers to press play.

You have the ability to use Facebook’s video player to insert up to five different pieces of content. This means that you can show various videos before, during, or after your main video.

Furthermore, you have the chance to change their order or delete any of them if needed. You can also include subtitles, captions, and auto-play on your videos with this new feature.

Facebook advertising enhances the performance of your campaigns by making it easier for you to reach your audience. Facebook’s ad manager is a powerful tool that can help you to create, manage, and report on your ads.

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to get more views on Facebook. It has been shown that video posts are 50% more likely to receive engagement than any other type of post.

Facebook’s algorithm change in 2018 means that video posts will be delivered first in News Feeds, so it’s crucial for businesses to start incorporating video content into their overall marketing strategy now.

Choosing the Best Music for Your Facebook Ads

Man choosing the best music for a Facebook ad

As the use of Facebook as a marketing platform for promoting businesses increases, creators need to be aware that it is not enough to just upload their video and expect it to be successful on its own. Music plays a huge role in whether or not a video is viewed.

Many will agree that music can have the power to boost the viewer’s emotions, but this doesn’t mean that you should always play music in your video ads. The best way to find the right type of music for your ad is by determining what mood you want viewers to feel. You can do this by figuring out what are the top emotions you want viewers to have when watching your ads? Are they happy? Excited? Relaxed?

The simplest way to figure out which type of emotion would work to create engagement in your video ads.

Choosing the right music can make or break your next advertisement on Facebook. To make the best out of it, try to watch the video and imagine which type of background music will work best in your video.

Where to Find Great Music for Video Campaigns

With so many options for music available, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your video. This is because there are so many different genres and moods.

There are a few places you can turn to when looking to find music for your Facebook video campaign, such as YouTube and SoundCloud as well as other ad platforms.

The best way to search for music is to think about the tone and feel you want the video to convey. Once you know this, it will be much easier to find that perfect song!

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Understand What Motivates Users to ‘Unmute’ Videos on Their News Feed

Facebook user unmutes a video ad

Facebook has given its users more control over their experience while watching videos.

Now, there are three options to choose from when you watch videos on Facebook. They can choose to mute the sound and continue to watch the video. They can also turn on subtitles by clicking on the text at the bottom of the video player. Lastly, they can click the “unmute” button if they want to hear sound while watching a video.

This is a great move by Facebook because it empowers its audience with more control over how they want their experience of listening or viewing videos to be like.

But it’s also a frustrating situation for advertisers and publishers who wants to promote their video ads. It’s pretty hard to emotionally connect to videos when they’re muted by default. People are more likely to click on an unmuted video than one that is muted.

So what we can we do about it?

In a study by U.S. TV Station FOX 35, they found that most people ‘unmute’ videos on their news feed because they want to know more about the story and they want to be actively engaged with the content.

People unmute videos for a variety of reasons – curiosity, engagement, passive interest, etc.

To engage users with your videos, it’s highly recommended to pay attention to the graphics. Use dynamic text that represents the topic of your ad, or even add a translation to the video so that people can understand what is it about even when it’s muted.

Also, try to edit the video with a little teaser in the first 5 seconds. The first 5 seconds of the video usually dictates whether the user will be interested in watching the rest of it or not. Make sure you have a great teaser at the beginning and let them unmute & enjoy the best background music in the advertisement.

Using Music on Facebook Legally

Legal info on the best music for Facebook ads

You should note that there are legal issues with using music on Facebook.

It is illegal to upload any sound recording to Facebook without the permission of the artist or their representatives. So when you upload your own composition, cover song, or background track, this could be considered copyright infringement unless you have secured the appropriate permissions.

What can I do to avoid copyright issues when uploading content to Facebook?

If you’re planning to use music in your video ads, always make sure you are either:

  • The owner of the music
  • Have permissions to use that music from the official artist
  • Holding a commercial-use license for that music piece.

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The Best Background Music Leads to the Best Outcome

Background music on Facebook ads is shown to have a positive correlation with conversions.

Facebook is not the first one to experiment with background music on their ads.

YouTube, for example, introduced the “TrueView” ad format in 2010 which allowed users to play video ads with background music of their choice.

Facebook’s move followed an increasing number of advertisers who have recently started experimenting with background music in Internet marketing. Whether you’re a private business owner or an advertising agency, it is now one of the greatest marketing tools out there.

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