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Choosing the Best Royalty-Free Music for Wedding Videos: A Definitive Guide

Best Royalty Free Music for Wedding Videos

The best royalty-free music for wedding videos can mean different things for each and every couple. As someone in charge of presenting such an important moment you need to ensure that you accommodate the couple’s vision with your selected symphonies. It means making sure that the video and music synchronize with the story of love that they wish to share with the world.

A key to making this work lies in understanding licensing, genres, and storytelling basics. These factors shall nudge you towards the ideal direction. It can ensure that nothing goes amiss as you choose the soundtrack for someone’s (or even your) big day.

Let’s look at the essential rules before you make the final decision:

Rule 1: Understand Music Licensing

It might sound bizarre, but wedding videos can get flagged on social media platforms if you breach copyright laws. That means that Twilight track you’ve been humming for years and that Ed Sheeran song you oh-so-love might be off-limits.

Luckily, you have the best royalty-free music for wedding videos to dodge lawsuits.  Not only are these single licensed scores budget-friendly, but they are also entertaining.

They surpass countless generic cinematic wedding music you might select for the video.  In addition to this, many artists allow you to customize tracks according to your preference. In turn, enabling you to gain more control over how the video sounds and the emotions it stirs in the viewers.

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Rule 2: Play Music in Sync with the Shots

Studies on the psyche reveal that music creates an emotional connection.  Use science to woo the audience as you pick the right background music for each moment.

Nothing says sappy like an instrumental video featuring the blushing bride and lucky groom.  You can get shots of them walking hand-in-hand, exchanging secret glances, or smiling at each other, etc. Each moment can speak volumes about how much they love each other, and the right music takes the romance up a notch.

Therefore, you should select music based on the visuals you plan to add to the video. Use something slow and touching for time-lapse videos and an upbeat track for footage with lots of activity. Besides this, you should consider the mood and lighting of the video. Focusing on the tiniest detail can help you create well-synchronized musical shots where everything’s picture-perfect.

Rule 3: Look for a Muse to Choose the Best Royalty-Free Music for Wedding Videos

Remember the tracks we mentioned in rule one? Just because you can’t add them to the wedding video doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.  Instead of letting them out of sight, consider the couple’s favorite songs as a roadmap for your video.

Use them to identify the rhythm and symphonies that attract the couple. Then find royalty-free music from the same genre and musical style to add a personalized element to the wedding video.  It’s a time-effective tactic to shortlist the best options. Otherwise, you’d be stuck searching for the right sound from a free music platform that stores thousands of tracks in its accessible archive.  

Music Note:  Listen to the Best Wedding Songs and Love Songs – Spotify Playlist 2021 for inspiration. The compare tracks and instrumental music are available on royalty-free streaming sites to select similar-sounding content for your wedding video.

Rule 4: Remember to Have FUN

Best Royalty Free Music for Wedding Videos

Lastly, feel free to experiment with the sounds to add a unique flair to the wedding video. You can do this by using instrumental cinematic background songs and teaming them with lyrical songs for clips without dialogues/sounds. Alternatively, you can create a story-focused video by relying on sound bites from friends and family.  It includes best man and maid of honor speeches, snippets of interviews from the couple and their loved ones.

Merging these dialogue-heavy bits with soft musical notes in the background gives your video more depth and meaning. As a result, the video will no longer serve as a montage of pretty pictures but a soulful story of how the couple met and tied the knot.

The Choice: Finalizing the Perfect Score for a Happily Ever After

The best royalty-free music for wedding videos can save any footage you record of the big day. It can make moments more heartwarming, create a rocking intro for the dance performances, and drown out noisy guests with the right notes. To achieve this feat, you need to consider what the couple wants, the budget, and what fairytale narrative you’d like to tell the audience. Use your videography and song selection to create a meaningful video that captures the love between the bride and groom.

Your video will become part of the family and content that generations watch together to relive the special day when you do that.

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Best Royalty-Free Music for Wedding Videos – FAQ

What are the best royalty-free music for wedding videos?

The best royalty-free music tracks for wedding videos are those that are not too serious but also not too happy. They should have some kind of emotional quality to make it more fitting for the event you are filming.

How can I find royalty-free music for my wedding video?

One of the most fun aspects of a wedding is the music. Some people think of a wedding as a dance party, and others see it as a romantic event with soft music in the background. Wedding videos are usually accompanied by music to set the mood and make them more enjoyable to watch.

There are many ways to find royalty-free music for your wedding video, but here are some ideas that you can explore:

1) You can use YouTube’s library for free background music or get copyright-free songs from Youtube Audio Library.

2) You can find free royalty-free music on different sites such as AudioJungle and Stock Music library. These sites also have great soundtracks for weddings if you want an original score or popular tracks from pop stars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and more.

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