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The Best Royalty-Free Music Subscription Platforms in 2021

Best Royalty Free Music Subscription

Best royalty-free music subscription platforms: Do you create video or audio content to be published online? Are you always on the lookout for royalty free music? Then you need to consider purchasing a subscription for royalty free music. For someone who needs this kind of music for commercial use frequently, it is essential that they have easy access to it.

There are several platforms out there that offer great royalty free music for a low-cost subscription. However, if you’re new to this, we are here to offer the guidance you need to choose the best royalty free music subscription.

Check out our top 4 options below!

Music LibraryTypePriceVisit
AudioJungleMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $1 Per SongAudioJungle
Envato ElementsMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $2 Per Song / $16.5 for Monthly SubscriptionEnvato Elements
TunePocketMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $14.5 / Monthly SubscriptionTunePocket
SoundstripeMembership / Pay Per Track Starting $12 / Monthly Subscription Soundstripe


Envato Elements is easily one of the largest royalty-free music platforms out there. It offers a monthly subscription that costs $16.50/month to use any of its music online. You can easily listen to and download music from an extensive library of songs, sound effects, and tunes. If you wish to use the music in the background of your radio or television commercials, you’ll have to access the music from their second platform AudioJungle.  


Epidemic Sound is another excellent royalty free music platform. It has a specialized service called “Youtube subscription.” This special service is designed for YouTubers and offers more than 30,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects to choose from.

All the music offered by this platform can be used for monetizing. They also keep updating the music library continuously. The subscription cost of Epidemic Sound has the following structure:

  • €13/month for channels with 0-500,000 monthly visits
  • €27/month for channels with up to 5 million monthly visits
  • €125/month for an unlimited number of visits


Audiio is a great resource for the best royalty free music. This platform offers a unique subscription model, which allows you to make a one-time payment and get access to royalty free music for life. The great thing about the music that this platform offers is that it can be used freely for social media content, YouTube videos, podcasts, films, video game projects, and any other project that may require background music.

The lifetime subscription costs a one-time payment of $299 only. You’ll be able to download any song that the platform offers for free for the next 100 years. There are also options for $16.60/monthly or and $199/yearly subscriptions.  


Soundstripe is one of the best platforms known for high-quality music. It is updated with new tracks and tunes regularly. Around 250 new songs are added to the platform on a monthly basis. So, if you want your content to have the freshest music, this is the place to find it.

This platform is highly creator-friendly and has received endorsements from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Tesla. They offer an annual subscription that costs $115.

Get the Best Royalty Free Music Subscription

If you’re looking for high-quality music for your videos or podcasts, sign up for the subscription to a royalty free music platform today.

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