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Best Spotify Equalizer for Rap: Tips and Tricks to Get Better Sound Quality

Spotify equalizer settings

The best Spotify equalizer for rap remains a well-kept secret for music audiences. We are accustomed to listening to tracks on default settings and low-quality sound systems.

Luckily, you can enhance your music experience through personalized tweaks and changes.

So what’s the best Spotify equalizer for rap?

Spotify comes with built-in equalizer settings. The correct configuration can bring life to any rap song and other music genres that you may enjoy listening to these days.  These customizable options are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

You need a higher bass, raised highs, and reduced lows to experience an immersive musical journey on Spotify.  Tweak the bass 1-2 kHz higher or lower depending on your preset setting. Continue doing this until you hit the right notes. After this, you can turn the selected setting into default mode.

This article features a step-by-step guide on the best Spotify equalizer for rap songs.  

Let’s begin.

Brush Up Your Basics: What’s an Equalizer (EQ)?

Most headphones alter frequencies to emit a dull and lifeless sound. An equalizer (or EQ) refers to an audio filter. It can eliminate unwanted sounds by separating and altering specific frequencies. Most hardware and software EQs have three types of equalizer settings.  

You can use them to:

  1. Amplify and boost the sounds.
  2. Reduce the sounds.
  3. Keep specific frequencies as is to ensure they remain unaltered when you’re listening to a song.

Most hardware sound equipment (like a stereo) comes with a built-in equalizer. Music streaming apps like Spotify follow suit with hidden sound setting options that include an EQ feature. You can use it to select the best Spotify equalizer for rap songs.

Spotify Hack: How to Customize Your EQ Setting?

Spotify integrated a pre-set EQ and personalized sound setting in 2014. Yet, many users remain unaware of its nifty design feature and functional sound setting system.

You can improve the listening experience by fiddling and setting the ideal EQ for rap music.

Best Spotify Equalizer for Rap

Here’s how:

  • Step 1. Find and tap the Settings icon present on the home menu of the streaming service at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Step 2.  Select the Playback setting option.
  • Step 3. Scroll and select the EQ setting option.  Enable the equalizer by turning on the switch.
  • Step 4. Look for genre-based equalizers with preset settings that align with mixed music genres. These include classic, pop, rock, jazz, and other music types that appease the target audience. Approximately 20Hz and 200Hz bass sound for rap music works.
  • Step 5. Listen to rap songs according to pre-set settings before altering the frequencies. The left side represents the bass, the central section represents the mids, and the right section signifies the trebles. You can switch things up to experiment with your music experience.

After this, you need to drag, move around and toggle with frequencies to find one that works for you. Use your fingers to drag the tiny white dots on your equalizer setting screen.

You can increase the bass by moving the white dots upwards toward the left side. You can adjust other aspects while listening to your favorite tracks. Consequently, making it easier for you to decide what the best equalizer for rap is.

After adjusting your EQ setting, you can press the Home button to get redirected to the main page. Select a new song and test your brand new equalizer-based changes.

Please note that the preset settings are one of many frequency distributions. You can reconfigure the EQ levels by returning to the playback control base.

Musical Hack: Some listeners turn everything to zero and gradually increase Hz levels. That way, you can identify significant changes in the audio levels and adapt to one that works for you.

Bonus Setting Options: Taking Things Up a Notch

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can tweak other audio levels too. These changes can help you counter an unequal distribution of beats or volume levels when you’re streaming music online.

F0r instance, you can use the Normalize setting from the main Settings menu. Then switch on the toggle to fix uneven volume distribution. To ensure everything hits the right spots, users can choose between Loud, Normal, and Quiet modes.

Aside from that, you can make one rap song bleed into the next playlist track. Spotify users can do this by using Crossfade. Additional timing settings determine whether your playlist tracks will mix or remain isolated when you play them.

Ready to Jam and Vibe with Your Favorite Rap Songs?

The ideal EQ setting for rap music on Spotify depends on listening preferences. High treble and bass notes are good in most cases, while you might need to recede mids. The key lies in enjoying every second of the song with the right equalizer setting.


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