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9 Best Sources of Stock Music for Your Videos in 2021

Women listening to the best stock music for videos

Music is driving almost every living person on earth. For video creators, adding the best stock music for their videos is like spiling some special spice to a stew. It is one of the essential aspects of marketing a video. A video without music is a stock on the shelf. It cannot evoke an emotional reaction in the audience and keep them interested in continuing with it.

Additionally, the usual way, creating a video, can prove somewhat a bit expensive when creating soundtracks. However, this has been made easier by the availability of many royalty-free music websites on the internet, making video creation more effortless, less costly, and available to any creators. Some of the places that help in achieving this are listed below.

1. YouTube Music Library

YouTube is one site that is among the sources of best stock music for videos. They offer an accessible repository of sound effects and even high-quality music tracks.

  • Advantages

Searching for sound effects and music tracks is made easier on YouTube has the option of filtering according to genre, instrument, duration, mood, and even attribution is made more accessible.

  • Disadvantage

Because of the attribution of some tracks, credit has to be given to the artist on the video description.

2. Free Stock Music

This is home to some of the best stock music for videos. Regardless of your reasons as to why you need a track, there is an availability of soundtracks suitable for every video creation
you need

  • Advantages

Sighing up is free.

Has limited formats, which are WAV, MP3, and AIFF

  • Disadvantages

Has no music filter option on tracks.

3. PremiumBeat

This site is one of the best stock music sources for videos, especially for creators looking for a high-quality music store and premium beat. Its diversity in the collection is a perfect fit which has a compilation of different genres and artists. It is also supported by shutter stock.

  • advantages

Regardless of what you choose, the price remains constant.

The filtering options are wide.

  • Disadvantage

For people looking for free downloads, then the site is not suitable for you.

4. Purple Planet

The site is not as famous a most but offers a wide range of downloadable music. The payment for stock music on this site depends on whether or not what you are downloading will be used commercially. Thus if not for commercial use, then the downloads are mostly free.

  • Advantages

Offers unlimited downloads for free.

  • Disadvantages

It does not have the music filter option for tracks.

5. Filmstro

With over 65 different categories of royalty-free music on offer, it also can customize the soundtracks to the preference in power, momentum, and depth.

  • Advantages

The monthly subscription plans are affordable.

Offers features that allow customization.

  • Disadvantages

On the trial version, you are given only 5free tracks.

6. Bensound

With a diverse collection, the sites offer premium services as well as free downloads. With the option of crediting them on your videos, the free licensing option allows videos with their soundtracks used online.

  • Advantages

There is a pricing plan for any subscription.

The site offers free downloads as well.

  • Disadvantage

The site has a limited collection of music tracks in comparison to other sites.

7. Marmoset

They pride themselves on productions that are original and done in-house. It’s Pacific Northwest-based with a curated array of independent artists.

  • Advantages

As features that are unique in filtering, they include filtration by song arc and colorful storytelling adjectives.

8. Artlist

It goes without mention as it is one popular site that offers the best stock music sources for videos. For incredible-quality tracks that are premium, this is the site to go to with an array of music tracks that run across different genres. Their primary source of music tracks comes from the exponential growth of indie artists around the globe. built with and ease in navigation on their site.

  • Advantages

Music licensing is uncomplicated. Hence, they use a universally accredited license, and you get to use the music for a lifetime.
The filtering options in an artist are more advanced as one is allowed to filter based on the used instrument.

  • Disadvantages

You only get free downloads for 2 months on the condition that you sign for their newsletter.

9. AudioJungle

With their constant update every week, they offer collections close to a million, which means you never run out of choices.

  • Advantages

The music tracks available at these sites go as low as $5.

They also have a pricing plan for a month.

  • Disadvantages

There is no free download option.

There is overpricing of some music tracks.

Choosing the best stock music for videos

Girl choosing the best stock music for her videos

In today’s digital age, video is an important and effective way (maybe the leading way) of marketing products and services, both virtually and physically. Choosing the best stock music for videos can make a big difference in how your message resonates with viewers on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Beyond having the music, the license you get also saves you a ton of headaches when, for example, a copyright claim on Facebook or comes in the door. You also don’t have to question yourself if you can use stock music on YouTube or any other video-sharing platform when you got the license.

Editing and Mixing Stock Music or Soundeffects in Videos

An additional key to a successful video is editing the clip in a way that will draw 100% of the viewer’s attention. Whether you’re mixing music for videos montage or just using it as good background music for the video, which triggers certain emotions, it is always recommended to edit and mix it up all together perfectly. If you don’t know where to start yet, check out our list of the best free video editing software for music videos.

It does not matter why kind of track you need for your next video project. The bottom line is: It is a guarantee that the video will need soundtracks and maybe some sound effects to help you make it a perfect video. I hope the list of stock music libraries above will help a lot when you are in search of that particular music track for your clip.