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What’s the Best Time to Release Music on Spotify? Here’s What We Found Out

Best time to release music on Spotify concept

What’s the Best Time to Release Music on Spotify? Timing is crucial when it comes to releases on Spotify or any music streaming channel. Otherwise, your new single or album might get drowned out by the sounds of other indie and mainstream artists.

So what’s the best time to release music on Spotify?

Fridays are the best day to share your new content with the world and get your target audience in the right mood. When we talk about months, you should take advantage of the New Year and give your fans something to refresh their playlists.

The summer months are another excellent opportunity to get audiences pumped up for the holidays.

This article elaborates on planning and preparation for your next music release.

Let’s begin!

Tick-Tock: When Should You Release Music on Spotify?

Friday 3 pm stat.  

Of course, we can’t just say this and leave you hanging. You need more context as to why.

Friday evenings are the best time to release music on Spotify. You have commuters returning home and listeners unwinding after a busy week.

Plus, many Spotify users refresh playlists to check out what’s new as they gear up for the weekend. In this way, most of your target audience will be plugged in when you release your music. Therefore, it’s a winning release strategy for aspiring artists.

However, you can’t shoot in the dark. We recommend tracking data related to your fans’ listening habits before the big release. That way, you can share your new number with more surety. Alternatively, you can decide on another day and time to ensure that the new content generates enough attention.

Beware of the Ides of March and Other Monthly Mishaps for Releases

When it comes to months, you need to consider many variables. The theme of your song, vibe, and industry events matter here. Happier songs work well in the summer, while heartbreaking tracks are suitable for the last quarter.

However, if you want to single out one month that you need to avoid, we have a clear winner.

Many people consider March as the worst month to release new music. That’s because SXSW dominates media coverage. You are less likely to receive any press due to the performers and artists already in the news. It’s especially true for artists planning a debut.

Aside from March, August and November have some lull periods, and December releases are overshadowed by festive music. You need to assess these factors before determining a release date. Also, dig deeper and figure out what other artists are doing. That way, you won’t be clashing with someone famous like Billie Eilish or the Weekend.

Music Note: Watch what content creators say about timing your music releases on streaming channels.

The Game Plan: Tips to Maximize Your Release Potential

Best time to release music on Spotify concept

Make the most of your membership on Spotify for artists to attract attention. Aside from having an overview of your profile and stats, the streaming app gives you access to various marketing tools. You can pitch your song for playlists and get features on Release Radar to widen your reach.

Artists with a big budget can invest in Marquee and Spotify Ad studio promotional campaigns.

More importantly, you need to create a buzz around your new tracks before the release date. You can do this by sharing snippets of the music on your social media channels. Additionally, some behind-the-scenes clips and hints can pique interest amongst your fanbase.

Newer artists can collaborate with local bands and other artists to receive shoutouts.

Music Note: Still feeling unprepared? Watch what Spotify insiders say about releasing music on the infamous app.  

Ready to Press Play and Share Your Music with the World?

The best time to release music on Spotify will be different for individual indie artists. Yet, Fridays between 3 to 7 pm can prove advantageous for artists regardless of the genre. We suggest sharing new content in the earlier months, during summer holidays, or some months before the holiday fever kicks in and listeners tune into carols.

Apart from the ideal date, you need an omnichannel promotional strategy planned. That way, your content will receive good coverage and maximum traction.

Best of luck!

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