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The Best Websites for Royalty Free Music in 2021

Best website for Royalty Free Music

If you have already flipped the internet on its head to understand where to get royalty free music in the best quality, Many websites for royalty free music are out there, but they aren’t easy to find. It can make or break a video depending on what kind of music you decide to use. So, after some extensive research and quality testing, here are the top 8 best royalty free music sites we found for you.

What Crowns a Website for “The Best in Royalty Free Music”?

When looking for top quality service provider for Royalty Free or Stock Music to your next project, here’s the list of expectations:

  • It provides a stable outlet for more musical ideas to be explored and shared with the world, without fear that they’ll go unnoticed or unappreciated.
  • If you’re an artist who has chosen not to sign up on any major label in order keep your independence, then releasing music through these websites is one way you can get heard by millions around the globe.
  • For emerging artists looking for exposure this site may provide them with their first big break into mainstream media.
  • Some people use it as well when downloading free trial versions from other sites.
  • Have full control over what goes out there.
  • Ordering all types of stock audio clips.
  • No upfront costs.

Best Royalty Free Music Sites \ Online Sources – The Full List

We gathered 8 Stock Music websites \ sources which we define the best in their field.


This is one of the best royalty free music websites for finding high-quality, music tracks. Their library has over 400 songs on it and continues to grow. The best thing about it is that they also have a songwriter’s directory.

To help you find great songwriters to work with. Their updated songbook gets new additions, which makes browsing their library so much fun.

Bee Royalty Free Music

This is one of the best websites for royalty free music. They don’t just give credit where credit is due. They give credit where people want it. That includes track names, artists’ names, and types of music. With about any type of sound file, they’ll let you use it on your project.


They have many excellent music tracks but also offer other genres from many artists. You can mix and match any genres that you like and build your unique music library. Another great feature is that they host the audio files on their servers, so you never have to worry about missing a beat.

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This is one of the best website for royalty free music. They don’t give credit where credit is due, but where people want it. That includes song titles, artists’ names, and types of music. Their updated songbook always has new additions, which makes browsing their library so much fun.

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Man searching for the best royalty free music website

HookSounds provides you with unique royalty-free music that you won’t find anywhere else. Since it was created only for the website.

Users may search the library by artists, categories, moods, and more, making navigating simple. HookSounds provides various music licenses for various uses. The free license is only for personal use.

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YouTube Library

You will discover royalty-free sound effects and music for use in your videos in the YouTube Audio Library. Sound effects and music from the YouTube Audio Library are safe. All content on the Audio Library is protected.

So you will get the highest quality versions of the sounds and music that you want to use for your projects. The Audio Library can be found only on YouTube. You can use the audio library on any of your websites that are using YouTube.

When you add any of the available background music or sound effects tracks to your website, it will appear as a sponsored video on the left-hand side menu. Using the audio library on other websites can allow other users to listen to your track without downloading it.

If you have an audio track that you feel would be interesting for someone to download, put it into the “availability” tab on the Audio Library. Then it will become available to anyone who wishes to download it.

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Facebook Sound Collection

It is the repository of many thousands of high-quality sound effects and music tracks from around the globe. These sound effects and music tracks are royalty-free hence the name’FB Sound Collections’ and Facebook. Therefore, there are no hassles of paying the performers.
You can view and listen to a wide variety of music songs and tracks like reggae, hip hop, metal, and classical music. There are also sound fountains, games, photo albums, games, and other social networking features available to Facebook users.

The social networking site has attracted many people to join its site as it allows free uploading of digital photos and free messaging.

This is why Facebook’s sound collection is so popular among everyone who uses the site. Suppose you wish to add any new tracks or sound effects to the Facebook sound collection. In that case, all you need to do is open a new tab on the site.

Then go to the ‘Music’ tab, where you will be able to browse through all the current tracks. They are sorted into different categories like Best New, Top Music, Top downloads. Facebook video marketing has made it possible for its members to upload their personal and official videos.

However, there is one major drawback as far as audio files are concerned. That is, Facebook restricts its sound files to members who have been opted in as part of the Facebook community.

For those who are not members of the community, the sound file cannot be uploaded. This is why you need to have a Facebook account to view the Facebook sound collection and upload your videos.

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Final Words on the Best Royalty Free Music Websites

It is very easy to get hold of these audio files. All you have to do is visit the main website, choose a genre, and start playing. No download is needed since you get instant access. If you find the track you want and like it, you may download it for a small fee. Whether you love audio files and you like to mix them up, or using them for your marketing \ creative projects, then you’ll love these websites.

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