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Can I Monetize Pixabay Videos on YouTube? (All You Need to Know)

Monetize Pixabay Videos on YouTube

Can I Monetize Pixabay Videos on YouTube? Video creators spend multiple hours filming the perfect shots and clips to use in their videos. Such individuals strive to go above and beyond to create engaging content for video platforms such as Youtube. However, some creators may opt to use stock footage in their content.

Sites such as Pixabay offer stock videos that can be used for commercial purposes. They allow video creators to use their clips for commercial purposes as long as they follow certain guidelines. Let’s examine what Pixabay videos are and how you can use them in your monetized Youtube videos correctly.

What is Pixabay?

You may have seen stock photographs used on blogs and slideshows around the internet. These photographs are usually taken from websites that offer stock photographs. Shutterstock is probably one of the most famous stock photograph suppliers on the internet. However, this website charges users for photos.

Pixabay is a free alternative to sites such as Shuttershock because it does not charge users for downloading stock photos. This site has recently begun offering “stock videos”, which are copyright-free video clips that cover a wide range of styles and settings.

A quick glance at Pixabay’s video library reveals clips showing flower fields, cities in motion, or a record spinning on a record player. Youtube video creators are free to download these clips and use them in their videos.

Can I Monetize Pixabay Videos on Youtube?

Youtube video creators who wish to download Pixabay videos and use them in their monetized Youtube videos have permission to do so. However, they must follow specific guidelines and ensure they are not breaking either Pixabay or Youtube’s rules. This includes:

Using Pixabay Videos With Alterations

Pixabay’s primary rule for using their stock videos in monetized Youtube videos is that the clips must be altered in some way. This is to avoid video creators from uploading the clip in isolation and making money off another filmmaker or photographer’s labor.

The good news is that you don’t need to alter the clip significantly. You can stitch multiple clips together in a single video, add a voice-over, trim the clip, change its speed, or even add a filter over it to meet the requirements mentioned above.

Many Youtube video creators also get creative with the different ways in which they alter stock videos to add to audience engagement. For example, you can slow down a stock video clip as well the audio clip you have placed over it to give the final clip a sluggish feel for entertainment purposes.

Not Portraying the People in the Stock Video in a Bad Way

Using Pixabay videos to monetize on YouTube

Pixabay also instructs video creators not to use the stock video footage in a way that portrays identifiable people in the clips in a bad way. For example, you can’t refer to an actor in a stock video clip of a person punching a mailbox as a delinquent. However, this rule is somewhat vague as it refers to “identifiable” people.

This means you may be able to get away with the above scenario if you do not refer to the person in the video clip by their real name.

Not using Clips Containing an Identifiable Brand to Mislead Viewers

If the clip you are using contains an identifiable brand such as Starbucks, you cannot portray the brand in a misleading way. For example, if you are using a video clip that shows a person drinking coffee from a Starbucks cup, you can’t add a text caption or voice-over containing a misleading statement such as “Coffee consumption kills one hundred and fifty people per year. Starbucks is therefore complicit in murder.”

The good news is that you are unlikely to run into such issues, as most Pixabay stock videos do not contain identifiable brands. However, Youtube video creators should still keep an eye out for such issues if they plan to use stock clips in their Youtube video.

Making the Best Youtube Videos Using Pixabay Video

Pixabay certainly gives Youtube video creators a lot of freedom with using their stock videos. So be sure to follow the guidelines stated above if you want to avoid running into issues with your monetized Youtube videos.

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