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Can You Use Pexels Videos for Commercial Reasons? Here’s All You Need to Know

Can I Use Pexels Videos for Commercial Reasons?

Can I Use Pexels Videos for Commercial Reasons? Founded in Germany in 2014, Pexels is a provider of stock footage and stock photography. It maintains a library with more than three million stock images and videos that you can use free of cost.

All images and videos on Pexels are free for commercial use. Thus, you can easily use them on your blog, product, commercial website, or anywhere else. However, you should note that depicted content such as logos, brands, or trademarks might still be protected by copyright or privacy rights.

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What Are Pexels Videos?

Pexels is a popular website that hosts millions of free stock images. You can use these stock images for commercial purposes without any issues. Recently, the website also started to offer free stock videos. This allows bloggers, vloggers, designers, and everyone looking for visuals to find excellent photos and videos and download and use them for free. If you see an image or footage you like, you can easily download it for free.

Pexels stock video library features multiple clips that suit a number of different settings. For instance, here’s a free stock video of a person holding an anthurium flower. This video offers a sense of peace and calm, so a YouTube content creator can use it in their video with a voiceover talking about plant care tips. Nevertheless, this can be used in several different ways depending on the intentions of the creator.

How to Use Pexels Videos for Commercial Reasons?

To use Pexels videos for commercial reasons, you simply have to download the video you like and use it.

Nevertheless, as we mentioned above, depicted content including brands, trademarks, or logos might still be protected by privacy or copyright laws. Thus, you should not imply that the depicted person, trademark, brand, or copyright holder of the depicted work is taking part or endorsing your product or service. If you want to use Pexels videos for such cases, you might need the consent or permission of the depicted parties.

You can also modify Pexels videos. For instance, you can change the video’s speed, trim its length, apply a filter over the footage, or add a voiceover.

Things You Cannot Do with Pexels Videos

Even though Pexels videos are absolutely free to use, there are certain things you cannot do with these videos. These include:

1. Identifiable People Should Not Be Portrayed in a Bad or Offensive Way

Pexels has stated that users cannot use their videos to portray identifiable individuals in an offensive or negative manner. For instance, you cannot use a Pexels video of a person feeling angry in a video stating that the person shown in the footage has anger management problems.

2. Pexels Videos Should Not be Redistributed or Sold on Other Platforms

You cannot sell videos licensed under the Pexels License as they are. In fact, you can only sell Pexels videos if you have modified, edited, or added value to them in any other way. Moreover, you can also not upload or sell Pexels videos on other stock video platforms.

Nevertheless, you can use the API to show Pexels videos on your app or site. The company’s API is extremely useful if you are searching for a way to import the videos on Pexels in bulk.  

What Is the License of Pexels Videos?

All Pexels videos are licensed under the Pexels license. This means you can use them without any cost for commercial and personal reasons without attribution. Nevertheless, giving credit to Pexels or the photographer is always appreciated. You can credit the contributor by mentioning their name and link to the video.

Another simple way to accredit the contributor is to just copy the format given via the “Say thanks” prompt after you download a video. Just click “copy” and paste it into the YouTube description box or your blog post.


Pexels has created an incredibly fast and simple way for people all over the world to find free videos. You can use Pexels videos for commercial purposes such as your YouTube videos, blog posts, website, etc. Just make sure that you do not portray identifiable individuals in an offensive or negative manner and try to give credit to Pexels or the contributor.