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Can I Use Pexels Videos for YouTube Monetization? Here’s What You Need to Know

Can I Use Pexels Videos for YouTube Monetization

Can I Use Pexels Videos for YouTube Monetization? YouTube is home to hundreds of thousands of entertaining and informative videos. Such videos may consist of clips that creators have shot themselves. Alternatively, they may contain stock videos that complement an audio narration or subtitled instructions.

Youtube video creators often use stock videos from Pexels in their videos. If you are one of these creators, you may be wondering, “Can I Use Pexels Videos for YouTube Monetization?”. You are allowed to use Pexels stock video clips for a monetized video as long as the content has been modified and the original source is indicated.

What are Pexels Stock Videos?

Pexels is a popular website that hosts thousands of free stock photos. Such photos can be used for commercial purposes without issues. The website also began offering free stock videos recently.

Pexels’ stock video library contains numerous clips that fit a variety of different settings. For example, here is a free stock video of snow falling on a plant. This video has a peaceful feel, so a Youtube video creator could potentially use it in a video accompanied by a voiceover describing the mental health benefits of admiring nature. However, this video can be used in a number of different ways depending on the creator’s intentions.

Can I Use Pexels Videos for YouTube Monetization?

Pexels states that the photos and videos hosted on the site are free for commercial use. This means Youtube video creators can use as many stock video clips as they would like in their videos without running into problems.

If these creators would like to monetize videos containing stock videos from Pexels, they will need to follow certain guidelines. This includes:

Modifying the Content

Youtube does not allow creators to upload another person’s content without modification. This means you may run into issues if you upload a monetized Youtube video containing nothing except a Pexels video without any type of modification.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Uploading the stock video of snow falling on a plant mentioned above without changing it in some way may lead to the video being flagged. You can avoid this by modifying the video in any number of ways. This includes changing its speed, adding a filter over the footage, trimming the clip’s length, or adding a voice narration over it.

The above modifications are relatively minor, but can save your video from being flagged. This makes such modifications useful for creators that would like to use Pexels stock footage in their monetized Youtube videos.

Stating that the Video Contains Stock Footage

Using Pexels Videos for YouTube Monetization

Another important consideration is to specify that your video contains stock footage. This helps inform viewers that the Youtube video creator is not the original owner of the footage used in the video.

You can specify your video contains stock footage by mentioning it in a voiceover narration. Alternatively, you can specify it in the video’s description and provide a link to the original stock video clip on Pexels.

Not Using the Video in a Bad Way

Pexels has specified that users cannot use their photos or videos if they are portraying identifiable individuals in a negative or offensive way. For example, you cannot use a stock video of a person stealing an icecream cone in a video that states that the person shown in the clip is a real life thief.

Pexels also prohibits users from using their photo or videos in a pornographic context. However, the company has not specified what exactly this means.

Using Pexels Videos the Right Way

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use Pexels videos in monetized Youtube videos without running into issues. Prospective video creators should understand the stock photo and video website’s guidelines carefully before using their content to ensure their video does not get flagged by Youtube.

The internet contains many great free resources for your videos, so it is best to respect the rules set by the parties providing such resources. Want to learn more about video production and Youtube? Check out the resources below:

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