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Do Copyright Claims Affect Your Views? All You Need to Know

Do copyright claims affect views

Do Copyright Claims Affect Views? If you run a YouTube channel, you may have received a copyright claim at some point. This is a common occurrence and is nothing to be alarmed about. However, you might be wondering if this copyright strike will affect your video’s views.

Today we will be examining copyright claims and discussing “Do copyright claims affect views?”.

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Before looking into whether copyright claims affect Youtube views, it is worth learning what exactly a copyright claim is.

On the YouTube platform, a copyright claim is typically known as a Content ID claim. The video-sharing website uses a Content ID system that scans all uploaded content, looking for any media such as video, images, or audio that were used without permission. If the system discovers media that were used without permission, the video is immediately flagged with a Content ID claim.

What are the Consequences of a Content ID Claim?

Receiving a Content ID claim could result in a number of things happening. This includes:

The Rights Holder Claiming Video Revenue

In some cases, the person holding the rights to the media you have used may claim the revenue generated by the video. Your video will remain unaffected, but any of the profits you hoped to earn off it will no longer go to you.

The Video is Restricted in Certain Countries or Regions

Your video may be restricted from being viewed in certain countries or regions. These could be countries or regions where the original media owner’s copyright applies. Such a video restriction may affect your video’s views, especially if you were banking on a large number of views for that particular country.

For example, if your video is in English and talks about American celebrities, you will likely lose out on a lot of views if the video is restricted in America.

The Copyright Holder Placing Ads on the Video

If your video did not originally contain ads, the copyright holder may choose to place ads themselves. They would then collect the ad revenue generated on the video. This may indirectly affect your views if the ads discourage viewers from returning and watching the video again.

The Video Audio is Muted

If you have used copyrighted music in your video, the original copyright holder may choose to get your video muted. This may involve muting the entire video, or just the section containing the music. However, both these situations may affect your views.

Viewers visiting your video for the first time may see that the audio is muted and leave. Such viewers are unlikely to return to your video in the future. This can reduce the total number of views you receive.

The Video is Removed

In some cases, your video may be removed from Youtube. This is an extreme measure that will definitely affect your views. However, this is usually a rare occurrence.

What to Do If You Get a Content ID Claim?

A YouTube video losing views as a result of copyright claim

If you have received a Content ID claim on your video, you may be able to get it removed in a number of ways. This includes:

Removing the Music

If the Content ID claim occurred due to copyrighted music being used in the video, you can opt to remove the music. This is a good strategy if you simply used the track as background music for a voiceover.

Replacing the Music With Copyright-Free Music

Another solution is to swap out the existing copyrighted music track with a non-copyrighted music track. This strategy is useful if you want some good background music for your video, but don’t want the video to seem bare without it.

Dispute the Content ID Claim

If you believe the Content ID claim has misidentified the audio track used in the video, or if you hold the original copyright, you may be able to dispute the claim. You can do this by visiting the copyright notices section on your account and selecting the link on the right of the video’s Edit button. This should take you to a page with information on the copyright claimant and the option to dispute the issue.

The good news is that copyright infringements are unlikely to take down your entire channel, except in extreme cases. Your video may lose some views, but there are plenty of ways to get the copyright claim removed, as mentioned above.