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Top 5 Music Sources for Instagram Reels

Download music for Instagram reels

Download Music for Instagram Reels: Are you a digital creator on Instagram? Do you thrive on posting videos? Then you must have a lot of experience with Instagram’s recent feature “Reels.” It is sort of Instagram’s take on the very entertaining, short, and digestible content introduced by TikTok.

If you want higher traction on Instagram and want to keep your audience engaged and entertained, then you’ll have to up your reels game. Most people post reels with some background music to make them more fun and engaging. However, using music on Instagram is hardly ever easy because of its strict copyright policy.

If you use any commercial music in your Instagram reels, there is a huge chance that they’ll be taken down by Instagram and can even lead to your account’s suspension. So, how does one avoid that? The answer is royalty free music.

Music LibraryTypePriceVisit
AudioJungleMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $1 Per SongAudioJungle
Envato ElementsMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $2 Per Song / $16.5 for Monthly SubscriptionEnvato Elements
TunePocketMembership / Pay Per TrackStarting $14.5 / Monthly SubscriptionTunePocket
SoundstripeMembership / Pay Per Track Starting $12 / Monthly Subscription Soundstripe

Getting More Followers by Sharing Great Content

Many video creators are utilizing social media platforms to promote their content. Instagram is one of the most popular ones. The user base of Instagram is over 800 million monthly active users, which is more than 2 times the entire population of the USA.

The company has also come up with features that will help video creators take advantage of the platform in making short videos in an easy way.

Video creators can make use of Instagram in promoting their work in a variety of ways. One way would be to put links to other social media profiles in the bio section where all your followers can see it too.

The company also lets them add links to their website and YouTube channel on their profile page, so viewers get a chance to explore all aspects of your creativity and find out more about you and what you do professionally.

Lately, the most popular way video creators get to share their work and receive good exposure is with Reels.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are videos of up to 15 seconds in length played in a loop. They are produced for Instagram Stories, which are interactive posts that can be viewed by swiping left or right.

A reel is a collection of images that work together to tell a story. A story can be told through text, imagery, video, and audio. However, the only way to show an entire story on Instagram stories is through an Instagram reel.

How Reels Helps Video Creators?

Instagram is a place for creators and the perfect platform to share your stories. With that said, it’s not just about photo sharing. You can now use Instagram as a storytelling tool by creating video content.

It’s the best way to showcase your talent as a video creator because it gives you an opportunity to show off your skills in different styles of video production. It also makes it easy for viewers to see your work and determine if they want to watch the other videos on your profile.

Royalty Free Music for Instagram Reels

Since it is not allowed to post copyrighted music on social media, the only way to use this type of media for Instagram is to download and use royalty-free music.

There are several online platforms that offer extensive libraries of royalty free music that you can download for a small fee. Some offer this music for free if you credit the artist. There are also several websites that provide monthly, yearly, and one-time subscription fee offers that allow you to download unlimited royalty-free music for your Instagram reels.

Our top 5 recommendations for downloading royalty-free music for your Instagram reels are as follows:

  1. AudioJungle
  2. Soundstripe
  3. Storyblocks
  4. Free Stock Music
  5. Dig CCMixer 

Choose Popular and Wholesome Tunes for Playful Videos

If you’re recording yourself or your friends doing fun things or sharing a special moment, then you need to use background music that can bring out that wholesomeness to the forefront. Usually, this kind of content works best with background music that is playful, upbeat, and a mood booster.

You can browse through any of the four platforms that we mentioned above to use in your reels of this nature. Make sure you download a tune that complements your video content and brings out its best elements forward.

Pick Mischievous or Trendy Music for Funny Reels

Funny reels are the most popular on Instagram. You don’t even have to be a comedian to record something that brings out a chuckle in your audience. Just putting up your deepest fears in the most comical style can do the trick.

If you’re creating a sarcastic or funny reel, you need to use music that is either trendy or mischievous so your audience reacts to it. This kind of music gets the attention of the viewer with ease and also makes your content shareable.  

Download Tunes that Make your Reels go Viral Instantly

Reels are a huge success on Instagram and if you’re not creating them, you’re seriously missing out. Make sure you download royalty free music to make your video content successful on Instagram.

Tips for Growing Your Instagram Presence with Background Music

Music creates a mood for your video’s audience. You can choose to have a video without music or simply use the background music as a whole. There are some important things you need to know about adding background music to your Instagram reel videos.

Step 1: Find the perfect song

It is essential to find the right song that matches your mood and that will work well with your video.

Step 2: Adjust audio levels

It is necessary to adjust the audio levels of the song so that they are not too loud or too soft.

Step 3: Create a still frame for your video

It is possible to edit out any unwanted audio from the video using a still frame which will also ensure that there are no edits in between shots which can be jarring for viewers to watch.

  • Utilize the Instagram Stories feature to post short videos with music
  • Add filters for different moods or tones
  • Use hashtags that are popular in your area of expertise.

FAQs & Related Questions

How can music be used in Instagram reels?

Music is part of any video production. A/B testing can help you figure out which type of music will work best with your content on social media platforms like Instagram.

Is there a limit to how many songs can be used in one reel?

No, there is no limit to how many songs can be used in one reel.

How do I download music for my Instagram reel?

There are many ways to download music for your Instagram reel. One of them is by using an app like InstaMusic, which allows you to search the song you want, download it with just a few taps, and then sync it to your phone.

How many songs should I have on my reel?

It is difficult to give an exact number of songs that you should have on your reel. It depends on the style of music you play and what kind of venues you are aiming for. However, it is important to note that if you have too many songs, it can be hard to showcase what you can do in a three-minute time frame.

What are the most popular songs for Instagram reels?

The most popular songs used for Instagram reels include “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, “No Promises” by Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato, and more.

Should I also use sound effects?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! SFX can help you to really draw the viewer in and also add a sense of realism. The best SFX are used sparingly and strategically – at key moments or when transitions happen.

How can I avoid copyright issues?

There are a lot of ways in which you can avoid copyright issues on Instagram.

The first step is to find out what the original work is. You can do that by looking at your feed and paying attention to hashtags, location, and other content that may have been tagged. Once you have permission to use the work in your Reel, you are safe from copyright issues.

Another way is to use royalty-free music in your reels. A music license grants you the right to use music in your Instagram videos or reels legally.

How can I protect my content from being stolen?

It is not uncommon to find people who are stealing content from social media channels, which includes Instagram. The Instagram algorithm has made it increasingly difficult for content creators to gain any visibility on the platform. This has caused many brands and influencers to create several different accounts to promote their content.

This is where the importance of protecting your content comes into play. You can protect your account by changing your username, changing the screenshot URL, using a watermark on the post, hiding the post with an emoji or sticker code, and making an Instagram account private so that only approved followers can see your posts.

How music helps with getting more followers?

The answer is simple – Music is just a tool to use in your reels. It can help to touch the emotions of your viewers. But the thing that helps you get more followers is posting more interesting content!

You can get more followers on Instagram with music by posting more often, posting at the right time, focusing on your niche, using hashtags, connecting with other artists, and using popular hashtags to help grow your following.

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