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The Best Music for Real Estate Videos

Engaging music playing in a real estate video

In the digital age we live in, a good video is usually the first thing people notice about your property. Unfortunately, what they then hear and feel can either make or break that first impression. If you want to use the perfect backing track for your videos, this blog has you covered with the best tips and carefully selected downloadable tracks of music for real estate videos.

Do you need music for your real estate videos? There are several things to consider when choosing the right kind of music for this particular purpose.

When renting or selling a house or condo, innovative property video is important in portraying the property in the best possible light. However, music is crucial to help tell an interesting story about what makes this place unique and special.

In this article, we will discuss the various kinds of music and choose the right one.

Original vs curated tunes

When choosing background music for a house showing, you have two choices: original or curated.

Original music is when you compose a song specifically for this purpose. Curated music refers to using pre-existing songs that are not composed by your own doing.

Royalty free music is available in both categories. It’s highly recommended to do your due diligence and choose wisely to avoid copyright infringement.

Whether you are editing a real estate video yourself or hiring someone else to do it, the following tips can help you when choosing original or curated music for housing videos.

The types of music that works best with real estate videos

Stock music for real estate videos

Type 1 – Instrumental

The first type of music you might want to use in your real estate video is these tunes.

This is excellent if you are selling a home, condo, or even vacant land.

This music can create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that makes it an ideal choice for soothing the stress of home shopping.

A calmer mood is also helpful in showcasing your property’s beauty without distractions or interruptions. These tunes tend to be slow with lilting melodies that flow gently, creating serene scenes perfect for any real estate video.

Type 2 – Classical

Classical music is another great option when choosing background tunes and music for real estate videos. This category covers everything from Bach to Beethoven and includes modern composers like Tchaikovsky, Strauss, and Rachmaninoff.

Classical music adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting, one of the reasons it is commonly used in weddings and formal events. This makes your home seem like a place of beauty and affluence, which can be an excellent selling point for people interested in living in luxury.

Type 3 – Jazz

Jazz music is more upbeat than either instrumental or classical tunes, making it a great choice when working on real estate videos. This type of music tends to have a lively tempo that creates excitement and anticipation.

It can help portray your property as full of life and energy while also adding something unique to the scene. In addition, jazz melodies tend to have a pleasant tone that feels friendly and inviting. For instance, jazz music is a good choice if you are selling a home designed for family gatherings or entertaining.

Type 4 – Folk

Folk tunes are also a good choice in real estate video music. Like jazz, these types of music have a lively melody that comes across as cheery and lighthearted. In addition, folk music is known for having lyrics with deep emotional meaning or stories behind them.

This can add to the authenticity of your home, being able to tell its tale while also portraying it as unique and full of personality.

Type 5 – Rock & Roll

If you’re selling luxury properties, then rock n’ roll might be the best type of music for real estate videos. This category includes popular music from artists like The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, U2, The Rolling Stones, and many other legendary rock bands.

Rock and roll can give your property a sense of energy, excitement, and life that perfectly fits these types of homes. Not only does this add to the appeal, but it’s also another way to portray luxury in different terms.

Type 6 – Electro-Pop

Electro-pop music is another great choice when creating real estate videos. This popular genre includes songs from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and many others. The melodies in electro-pop music tend to be upbeat and quick, almost like racing towards an ending point. Along with jazz music, this category is perfect for capturing the lively spirit of a house that you want people to see as full of life and constantly surprising them around every corner.

How to choose the right music for your next real estate video?

Showing a property or a house with great background music

It all depends on what kind of mood and atmosphere will highlight your property best.

For instance, if your home is situated in a bustling city surrounded by restaurants and bars, then folk music might be the best choice for it.

Alternatively, rock and roll can make a sprawling ranch seem like an ideal spot to unwind with friends or family after a long day of work.

Some of the most important aspects to consider are whether your home feels calm and serene or lively and full of energy.

There’s no right answer here as it will depend on what kind of housing videos you’re creating: those that promote serious business deals or homes seeking new families to love them.

In conclusion

It’s important to remember that the type of music you use for your real estate video can make or break its success.

While one person might be enchanted by an exhilarating rock and roll song, someone else could see it as distracting noise that takes away from the majesty of their home.

It all comes down to what kind of mood each style of music is meant to evoke within them, which is why it’s important not to underestimate this aspect of your marketing campaign.

Also, keep in mind that it’s also about the editing of the video in the right rhythm of the music. Take a look at HubSpot’s blog of the best 14 real estate videos in 2021 to get some inspiration.