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Envato Elements vs. Epidemic Sound: Which Music Service Is Right for You?

Envato Elements vs Epidemic Sound Comparison

Envato Elements vs Epidemic Sound: Are you looking for the perfect music platform? Then you might be confused between Envato Elements vs. Epidemic Sound.

When you’re comparing music streaming services, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Therefore, you should compare and contrast service offerings before signing up for a monthly subscription.

Here are some important questions to ask before registration:

  • Is it worth the price?
  • Does the music library match your project goals?
  • Are the licensing packages legitimate?
  • Will the license expire after you cancel the subscription?
  • What makes this app different from competitors?

After thoroughly researching the app, you can make an informed decision. We simplify this task by reviewing popular music streaming platforms.

Let the ultimate face-off begin:

Envato Elements: Not Just a Music Service Platform

Envato Elements

Envato Elements functions as an affordable creative suite for all your graphic design, presentations, web template, and music needs. It’s an excellent option for content creators working on multimedia projects. You can access everything in one place without bouncing off websites to find project-specific options.

Best of all, it meets budget goals for independent creators and businesses. You can access all this and more by paying only $16.50 each month for personal use. If you are working on an academic project, collaborating with a team, or need music for business purposes, the platform will adjust pricing to match individual needs.

The Perks

  • You can enjoy access to over 58 million templates, soundtracks, and other elements are accessible through a single subscription.
  • You get a lifelong licensing permit for commercial use ensures you don’t face any costly repercussions when you share your work with the world.
  • You will appreciate the fuss-free cancellation process when you plan to hop onto another music streaming service or take a step back from content creation projects.
  • You can sign up for budget-friendly monthly subscriptions designed for personal use, students, teams, and enterprises.
  • You get a virtual knowledge base that answers frequently asked queries about the platform.


Our Verdict: Is It Right for You?

Epidemic sound vs Envato Elements

Envato Elements goes a step further than other music streaming platforms. The one-stop shop enables you to find design and musical elements for your project in a single search.

However, this blessing can be perceived as a curse for some creators. For instance, you might find yourself sifting through the unlimited library rather than being productive. Alternatively, the sound effects, background music, or video templates you choose can feel generic.

Therefore, you should prepare to switch things up by adding an innovative spin to the downloadable content. That way, you can use its multipurpose service without losing your unique charm.

Music Hack: The Envato YouTube Channel is a gold mine for tutorials, general hacks, and everything in between for creators. We recommend giving it a scroll to gain new insights into content creation.

Epidemic Sound:  A Music Haven for Content Creators

Whether you’re making a music video, travel vlog, podcast, or Google Slides, Epidemic Sound will deliver the right stock music for your project. Its versatility has garnered the attention of millions of content creators. They even have special categories designed for YouTubers and podcasters. These playlists allow you to select single licensed music, soundbeds, hooks, and tracks that won’t drown your voiceover.

Moreover, monthly subscriptions cost $15 for personal use and $49 for commercial purposes. You can sign up for premium account catering businesses if your company needs stock music for bigger projects. It’s a good deal in comparison to other music service platforms.

The Perks

  • A music library that features 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects.
  • Commercial licensing available for legal compliance.
  • A transparent cancellation policy.
  • A reasonably priced monthly subscription for solo creators, commercial products, and enterprise use.
  • A smart search algorithm that directs you to the right soundtracks and SFX.
  • A free month-long trial to get started.

Our Verdict: Is It Right for You?

If you’re only interested in music and need access to a music library that continuously updates itself, Epidemic Sound is the way to go. Indie artists can share new music here, while content creators can use those licensed tracks without any trouble. Everything from registering to downloading is a clear-cut process.

The only setback might be overlapping mood playlists and SFX categories that might hinder your search for something unique.

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The Dilemma: Which One Should You Pick?

Envato and Epidemic stock music services

In the end, in the battle featuring Envato Elements vs Epidemic Sound, both streaming services are neck-to-neck. You might be inclined to pick Envato Elements because of its turn-key design and sound solutions. Conversely, Epidemic Sound might win you over with personalized playlists and frequent updates. Similar price points mean that they are both inexpensive picks and can prove convenient for content creators who are on a budget.

We advise you to select the platform that best fits your project scope to gain your subscription’s maximum advantage.

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