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Top 3 Equalizer Templates for After Effects (Free + Paid)

Adobe after effects free equalizer template

Equalizer Templates for After Effects (Free and Paid): Whether you are a DJ, musician, podcaster, or music enthusiast, an equalizer template After Effects (free) can come in handy for your video projects. These animated assets give your videos and reels an oomph factor.

They serve as a great throwback to the days we huddled around the boom box and stereos, listening to our favorite tracks. These samples are a simple yet effective way to capture your brand image within the first few seconds of your video (or presentation). Conversely, you can use them to synchronize your audio and visuals—to show the beats.

This article uncovers the best places to find equalizer templates for video editing maestro Adobe After Effects. Additionally, we teach you how to use them efficiently for your virtual campaigns.

Let’s begin.

The Holy Trinity: 3 Amazing Places to Find Equalizer After Effects Free + Paid Subscriptions

We have searched high and low for websites that share royalty-free audio visualizer VFX on their forum.

Here are some top-tier sites to find After Effects templates:

MixKit: Free Templates with No Strings Attached

MixKit by Envato has some of the coolest audio visualizer templates on the web. The platform gives users access to unlimited downloads without any terms or conditions. You don’t have to sign up for access or give the original creators any credit when you use their work.

In this way, it functions as a fully accessible public forum, unlike any other stock library. These assets come under the MixKit license. That said, do ensure you know your posting site’s copyright rules and regulations to prevent an infringement strike.

Pond5: Budget Pricing through a Pay as You Go Format

Pond5 works like an eCommerce store for stock images, sound effects, tracks, and customizable AE templates. Each category has a different price, with AE templates starting at $5 to $150. The price might seem steep, but these are premium-quality visuals with proper licensing that saves you from legal complications down the road.

There are all types of equalizer templates on Pond5. Many artists share equalizer and waveform templates with placeholders for your name, logo, and text. Additionally, you can change colors and other aspects of the template to fit your project profile.

The search engine allows you to narrow your search based on pricing, After Effects version, and membership. These features allow you to find a template compatible with your budget and Adobe editor.


Envato Elements: Monthly Subscriptions and Many Surprises

Envato Elements acts as a creative suite for graphic designers, artists, videographers, and businesses. It gives members access to various assets for video production, presentation, marketing, and non-commercial projects. It complies with licensing regulations to ensure social media networking sites don’t scrutinize your downloaded templates.

Unlike Pond5, you need to sign up for a monthly subscription to download equalizer video templates from Envato Elements. The packages are affordable and easily adapted to meet individual requirements.

People Also Ask: How Do You Use After Effects Templates on Adobe?

Equalizer template for after effects

Most After Effects templates come with placeholders to swap elements to customize the animation. Once you make your changes, the software will ensure that the original and overlay file blend well.  Using templates saves precious time and energy required to create the intricate audio visualizer effect.

In most cases, your template file will come with instructions. You can follow them to incorporate the new element in your project well.

Here’s a preview of how you can begin editing:

  1. Create a New Project (or open an old one you want to edit).
  2. Import the After Effects template.
  3. Search and select the compositions you would like to modify.
  4. Replace placeholders with customized elements.
  5. Use custom controls to adjust lighting, coloring, change fonts, and add sound effects and music.

VFX Hack: Would you like to create a visual equalizer yourself? Watch this tutorial to create an original equalizer animation on Adobe After Effects.

Crank Up Your Video with an Equalizer AE Template

Audio visualizer (or equalizer) templates feature striking graphic design and animations. They are an excellent way to elevate your music video presentation and promote your music-related business. You can use them to add a pop of color to your instrumental tracks while showcasing the tempo of your music.

Alternatively, you can use these after effects to create an animated logo for your music-related business. You can incorporate them in an introductory scene for a teaser trailer or place them between the transitions of your segments. There are multiple ways to go around this.

Hopefully, our recommended list directs you towards a template that matches the project scope and vision.

What’s your favorite place to get an equalizer template after effects free or paid?

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