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The Best Art Exhibition Background Music for Museums & Galleries

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Exhibition Background Music: Whether you have a gallery of your own, or help clients hold exhibitions for their products, having the right environment is important. From choosing the right color palette for the decor, to placements of products, and more. The success of an exhibition thus rests on being able to appeal to all senses. But, there is one aspect that often gets overlooked. And, that is of appealing to the ears. For this, having background music can not only transform the outlook of the exhibition, but also keep visitors engaged in what’s being showcased.

If you have picked up on the absence of background music at exhibitions and are looking for ways to incorporate the right type of music for your event, then all you need to do is follow the right technique. We have put together some of the most foolproof tips and tricks that can help your next exhibition stand out. So, without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Choosing The Right Music – Adding Value To Your Exhibition

Who doesn’t like going to art exhibitions? They are fun, full of color, and thought-provoking concepts. If you are an artist yourself, you’re probably used to hosting art exhibitions on a grand scale by now. However, organizing and arranging art exhibitions, whether it is for your artwork or new and upcoming artists in the city, can be challenging. This is because a lot of effort and skill goes into strategically placing the artwork. Raising awareness about the details of the art exhibition adds to the list as well.

There is one aspect that is often overlooked though. And that is the use of music. Most art exhibitions are critiqued for having the right display of colors and dimensions but lack the depth that comes from the use of the right type of music. Having this in place can not only uplift the mood of the art exhibition but keep visitors engaged.

If you are in search of the best music for an art exhibition and unsure of where or how to get started, then this article has the answer to all your questions. By following the right tips and techniques you are sure to have your next art exhibition rank the charts.

Art has a way of connecting with the heart and mind. It can sway emotions, express abstract ideas, and add color to life in ways no other platform can. Let’s have a look at how adding the right kind of music can uplift the atmosphere of your art exhibition.

  • Music has its way of relating to people. Playing the right kind of music can keep people connected to the emotions and ideas of the artist.
  • Prevents a gloomy atmosphere and brings your art exhibition to life
  • Is known for having a therapeutic effect, making your art exhibition worth investing time in
  • Engages all the senses and helps improve mood. Visitors are more likely to stay focused and engaged in the exhibition with the right type of music playing in the background

The Best Music For Art Exhibition

Here are a few categories you can explore and play at your next art exhibition. Be sure to have a test run conducted before the big day to correct any discrepancies.

1. Align It With The Theme

What most art exhibitions fail to capture is the true essence of the theme of the artwork on display. They often play music that is mismatched with the concepts and ideas the artists wish to portray. In this regard, the outlook of the art exhibition becomes blue and misaligned.

For instance, if the artwork on display explores the social ills in society and seeks to raise awareness about it, then having pop music or heavy metal music playing in the background would not bode too well. For this, having slow and mellow instrumental music may do the trick. You want to play around and experiment with different tunes. Seek advice from your friends and the artist themselves to have a clearer idea.

Here are some genres you can look at depending on the type of art exhibition.

  • Jazz ballad or instrumental music produced by the piano or cello for art inspired by the specific period in history
  • The sounds of nature for artwork centered around nature
  • Acoustic or orchestral versions of pop music for more modern and contemporary art

Here’s a Pro-Tip: Avoid music with lyrics as it can distract the audience from the messages being portrayed by the artwork on display.

2. Play It Safe With The Sounds Of Nature

If there is one genre of music that you can never go wrong with, it’s the sound of nature. From the sound of rain, wind, or even the ocean, a powerful impact can be created at your art exhibition. However, remember to keep the background music at a low volume, you want to allow the visitors a moment of brief discussion regarding the artwork with their peers without having to speak up too loud.

To get more information on different types of background music, check out a few articles posted here.

Art exhibition background music

The Types Of Background Music You Can Play During An Exhibition

Finding the right kind of track can be tough. However, there are a few categories you should look into to make your search easy.

1. Instrumental Music

Going for music that is without lyrics is what you want to incline towards. Why is this so? Well, to start, it adds elegance and professional touch to your exhibition. And since it is exhibition background music, it should complement the theme of your display. For instance, if you’re showcasing products such as ornaments and jewelry, then having elegant jazz music can help uplift the environment of your exhibition further. Similarly, for paintings on display, having instrumental music produced by the piano or guitar can gel in well.

Also, remember to keep the volume quite low and mellow. You don’t want it to overpower the entire point of the exhibition. It should be conducive enough to allow visitors to discuss the products on display and engage in meaningful conversations.

2. Sounds of Nature

Opting for music that mimics the sound of nature is something that you can never go wrong with. By going therapeutic you are sure to keep visitors engaged. Be it the sound of rain, winds, or ocean waves, a calming and surreal environment is what you want to create. Having your visitors leave your exhibition feeling calm and de-stressed is what you’re looking to cash in on. This is sure to improve your retention rates and have the same people come back for the next exhibition. Who knows, they may even bring along their friends and family members the next time.

Combining color and music at an exhibition

Why Choosing The Ideal Exhibition Background Music Matters

Music has a way of integrating masses, bringing them together, and keeping them engaged. No one likes walking into a room that has pin-drop silence and is devoid of music. With having this in place, you are sure to expect your visitors to stay and stick around for a longer period of time.

Here is why choosing the right type of music matters.

  • It helps uplift the mood of the room
  • Has a therapeutic impact on people – allows them to stay engaged in the exhibition
  • Appeals to the senses
  • Improves mood and makes visitors more alert and attentive about what is on display
  • ● Helps the company whose exhibition it is, receive recognition and brand awareness. This is because people associate engaging music with remembering a brand

Where To Access the Music

If you have a clearer idea of what type of music to play at exhibitions but are unsure of where to access it from, then we have an answer for you. You can access stock music from the preferred library. You can effortlessly download music as per your liking.

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Get Your Exhibition Preps on Track

Picking these tunes can help for enhancing the ambiance. One of the most important aspects is the ambiance. The background music can be used to create a specific atmosphere or environment. Background music can be used to enhance the visitors’ experience, create a particular mood, promote products, and build excitement among visitors.

Background music can help in creating a mood for events like concerts or exhibitions by influencing their emotions and perceptions. It also affects people’s behavior according to studies associated with psychology and behavioral science.

Expedite your exhibition prep by picking out the right music. You can do this yourself, or have your clients access our website at their convenience. From then on, just browse information about where to get background music, download, plugin, play, and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

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Have The Right Art Exhibition Music On Your Playlist Today

To bring your exhibition preparation on track, picking the right music can be done within minutes. Especially since you now have a clear idea of which genre to go for and where to access royalty-free music. All you need to do after this is create your playlist and let it play. However, try not to repeat the songs too often, it can get annoying for visitors and chase them out the door!

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