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If you’re using music for non-private use, you have to use only licensed music (which refers to royalty-free music).

Many businesses use royalty-free music in their ads and don’t realize that they need a license from ASCAP or BMI before doing so. We provide these types of licenses for commercial use.

Any Music Downloads is partnered with many downloadable MP3 music platforms to suit your need.

Moral rights are given to the creator of any piece of art. These include
the right to be identified as author, artist or composer of the music.

The term means that the song can be used for any purpose without having to pay royalties on it, as long as you buy license for it or it is credited with the artist \ company name.

copyright-free or creative commons licensed music, refers to sound recordings that can be legally used by anyone without any type of fee or licensing requirement for its usage.

Under a Royalty Free license agreement, each time you use it in your work—whether for commercial or noncommercial purposes—you owe nothing to the owner beyond one flat fee. It’s like renting instead of buying: After that first transaction there are no royalties involved.

First, any song needs permission by copyright holder if they don’t own the rights themselves; this includes both composition and sound recording copyrights. Secondly, there has to have been at least one year since its first release (this means no new versions or remixes). Finally, songs cannot contain samples recorded after 1972 without having explicit authorization form their owners as well.

Most people agree that the best type of royalty free background music is instrumental. Some customers also enjoy audio books and podcasts, so it’s a good idea to have those on hand as well! Just make sure your choice doesn’t infringe copyright laws before using them.

Any Music Downloads also offer a special high-quality audio tracks library without fees, copyright restrictions or royalties required. Check out our free music library for more information.

Music with a “royalty-free” license can be used for any project by paying small licensing fees. It is music with no royalties.

Familiar, popular songs that you can easily license cover versions. If your video is an advertisement or product demonstration, make sure the song reflects what’s being sold in a positive way.

The most important thing you want to make sure of when looking for royalty-free music, is that it has proper licensing and availability so no one can take legal issue with what you say on air or in print.

The price range for a single royalty-free song can be between $2.50 to $25.00, depends on the artist, license type, provider and track length.

A royalty-free music library subscription can cost $6.00 to $50.00 a month. Check out our music sources list for more information on subscription prices.

Any Music Downloads offers a wide variety of creative commons SFX files for any purpose of use with different kinds of licenses, multi-use and single use. Check out our SFX library.

Yes. You can subscribe to many online music libraries which are mentioned in website and choose a subscription that suits your pocket and needs.

Stock music licenses usually cover you to avoid claiming royalties on your music, and therefore lawsuits and legal actions cannot be taken against you, although it is very important to read the small prints of any license you purchase for a music track.

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