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Fast-Paced Background Music: 11 Songs to Check Out in 2022

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Fast Paced Background Music: The idea that music can impact your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors doesn’t really come as a surprise. If you’ve ever felt pumped while listening to your face-paced rock anthem, then you easily understand the power of music to influence moods and inspire certain actions. In fact, researchers have found that listening to fast-paced background music encourages people to work out harder.

So, if you’re trying to stick to a workout routine or want to instantly uplift your mood, or just looking for a fast-paced tune for your next YouTube video, consider making a playlist of fast-paced tracks. In this article, we take a look at some great options that you can consider.

Remember that all music is copyrighted to its owners. So, if you wish to use the music for commercial purposes, you should ideally use your own music to steer clear of any legal troubles. Always acknowledge the musician!

If you want to learn about places where you can find songs without stressing about copyright, make sure to check out this article here.

Fast-Paced Background Music and Songs to Check Out

Let’s take a look at some of the best fast-paced music and songs you can add to your playlist.

1. 212 by Azealia Banks

Banks might be known as much for her never-ending feuds as for her music – but we really cannot deny that her 2011 single is one of the hottest club tracks. Just when you think you have maxed out, count on her relentless flow to tap into your inner fierceness.

2. Temperature by Sean Paul

At 125 BPM, Temperature is the ideal tempo for a workout session. Don’t forget to check out the video and get inspiration on how you can turn up the heat.

3. Level Up by Ciara

What’s more motivational than Ciara telling us to level up? Maybe the song’s music video showcases Ciara’s brilliant dancing ability! The best thing about this fast-paced song is that it’s perfectly timed for a workout.

4. Where Have You Been by Rihanna

This fast-paced track fits perfectly between the EDM and pop camps, featuring massive, cathartic drops that will make you want to get up and dance.

5. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

If you ever want to add a cool summertime touch to your YouTube video, Call Me Maybe by the Canadian singer is the perfect fast-paced pop song that you can use.

6. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Fast paced background music

There is something beautiful about LMFAO’s music. Words such as ‘future’ or ‘progressive’ or ‘conscious’ don’t apply here at all. They are fun. You and your viewers both have fun!

7. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

This song really doesn’t get old. This collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars was their fourth, and it spread like wildfire. Thanks to its funky grooves, it’s one of the best face-paced songs that put people in the mood to dance.

8. Please Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna

Please Don’t Stop the Music came out nearly 15 years ago, but it’s still a gift that keeps giving. Intense right from the start, there is something about its bassline that truly resonates no matter what.

9. Survivor By Beyoncé

A classic Beyonce song, Survivor, is the inspirational and uplifting song you need when you’re close to reaching your maximum limit. Singing along to “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up, I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gon’ work harder” is the boost we didn’t know we wanted. Thank you, Kelly, Michelle, and Beyoncé.

10. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Taylor tells the ultimate truth in her 2014 fast-paced song, where she says that the best way to deal with haters in life is to let loose on the dance floor.

11. We Found Love by Rihanna

A collaboration between pop superstar Rihanna and Scottish electro house kingpin Calvin Harris, this track is the perfect blend of soaring pop hooks and massive club sounds.

Wrapping Up

We hope this list inspired you to pick a song you can connect with and add that cherry on top of your next workout session or YouTube video!