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How to Fix Final Cut Pro Error: “Out of Memory”, & Why Does It Occur?

Final Cut Pro Error Out of Memory

Raise your hand if a Final Cut Pro “error out of memory” has ruined your FCP project.

We have all gone through the vicious cycle of rendering and then re-rendering files. That’s because this pesky software problem pops up unexpectedly.  

There’s a fair chance you have sufficient storage space, but even so, a corrupted media file can create such problems. Alternatively, the application might have saved too many renderings as backup files. Due to this, it displays a “no storage space” error by default.

While many tutorials talk about fixing this error, we want to highlight hacks that help you prevent it. We also share backup storage tips to ensure your last rendered file stays intact even if the one you’re working on gets corrupted.

Here’s what you should know:

The Premises: Why Is Your FCP Showing an Out of Memory Error?

Let’s cut to the chase.

Final Cut Pro might enhance your video editing game by leaps and bounds. However, there’s one small condition that can bring your project to a halt. The app can only work with 4GB of RAM regardless of the storage capacity of your hard drive or the type of project being rendered. That’s why the application starts displaying “out of memory errors” relatively quickly.

The main causes of this notification are as below:

  • You have unknowingly downloaded a corrupted file
  • The stock image sequences are too big (more than 4000 pixels)
  • You are using heavy clips for your project— that eat up the storage space
  • You don’t address the alerts and urgent notifications on time

You will have to save your project and restart the application to resume your FCP work most of the time. If that doesn’t fix the situation, you might have to erase all files and render them from a clean plate.

Tread Carefully: 4 Ways to Prevent an FCP Out of Memory Error

We have scoured the web to look for tutorials and solutions for this problem. Your best bet will be eliminating common causes of this error when you work on the software. In this way, you are less likely to experience the problem.

Here are some tried and tested tips to reduce the risk of a Final Cut Pro “error out of memory”:

Final Cut Pro error: fixing "out of memory" issue easily
  1. Slow and steady saves the day. Use smaller sections (less than 4000 pixels at a time) to prevent your application from crashing. You can reformat and resize the files to use a compressed version for your work.
  2. Duplicate before you create. Save two copies of the recent renderings. The backup file will serve as a replacement for your WIP. That way, you can redo a small section of the latest rendition instead of starting from scratch. It can save the time and resources required to do everything again.
  3. Eliminate and rule. Delete unnecessary media files and residual data by removing unnecessary clips and repeated images. In addition, reduce your undo count to one to create adequate storage space for your FCP project.
  4. Cut the clutter strategy. Ditch layered images for flat stills with little or no PSDs or other layers. The unedited stills enable your software application to work efficiently with minimum setbacks.

Apart from this, you should close unwanted tabs and screens when you use Final Cut Pro. Your due diligence prevents the platform from crashing when you work.

Music Hack: Watch this tutorial to fix the Final Cut Pro problem.

Fixing Final Cut Pro “Error Out of Memory for Your Project

In the end, running out of memory isn’t restricted to FCP projects. You might experience a similar problem with other Apple apps.  Most of the time, corrupted files contribute to the storage issue. At other times, your app acts out because of cache, revisions, and residual images that take over the timeline.

Efficient organization and diligent conversion of downloaded images can prevent this problem. We suggest that you give these hacks a try to ensure your hours of hard work and creative effort don’t despair when you work on FCP projects.

Until next time, techies.

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