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Free Music for Corporate Videos: Your Musical Guide to Elevating Business Videos

Free Music for Corporate Video

Free Music for Corporate Videos: Companies planning to rebrand and recruit and retain employees (and consumers) might have to invest in music to help get their message, especially since video media has become a staple in digital marketing. It’s why free music for corporate videos might soon turn into buzzwords in boardrooms.

We’ve entered an era of digitization where names you once saw on memos have started making frequent appearances on screens. Everything from employees-only workplace safety presentations and onboarding presentations to how-to tutorials and branding content for consumers required video content. This is why choosing the right music for your business and where to find it has become a hot topic in many company meetings.

This article shares some insight into the booming world of music for business.

Let’s dive.

A Tale of Short Attention Spans and Stock Music

Most individuals can sit for hours to binge-watch a new Netflix series or have a Marvel marathon, but they struggle to focus on a short, albeit silent corporate video. Ever wondered why?

According to Psychology Today, “we’re stressed out and information loaded,” which is why most employees zone out as soon as you hit play on the corporate video. Or, worse, they never watch the video!

Have Companies Cracked the Code?

Free Music for Corporate Video


The recent obsessions of businesses and explainer videos suggest that sharing messages in digestible chunks does spark an interest.

Forward-thinking businesses are using such content for all types of branding ventures to introduce their services, teams, project scope and showcase the qualities that make them leaders within their industry.  That means corporate video production has branched out from those conventional “who we are?” campaigns.

If you don’t want to fall behind the competition, you need to create video content that sells. Before that, you probably need an adequate budget to get the camera rolling. For most video production teams, background music feels like an add-on.

However, if you’re planning to compile a presentation filled with generic corporate shots, sprinkle in motivation quotes, and call it a day, then you should rethink your plans.

Monotonous voice-overs and stock music will have the same effect on viewer engagement as thick memos and your initial extended video. In these cases, audiences will drift off before you get to the good stuff.  That’s why creating dynamic videos with some striking shots, and upbeat music has become a must-have factor in business-related videos.

Much like those annoyingly catchy jingles of your childhood, adding brand-oriented music to corporate videos could be the bait to catch employee (and consumer) attention.

Music Hack:  Take a cue from popular corporate videos to know how and when to use your music. Best Corporate Video Examples (with Templates to Make Your Own) | Biteable

How to Get Free Music for Corporate Videos (That’s Good)?

Whether you’re a startup or seasoned industry player, paying thousands of dollars on royalties (and potential copyright lawsuits) for every video your company produces doesn’t sound feasible. That’s where music libraries and single-licensing music (aka royalty-free music) come in to cut down production costs.

They charge a reasonable subscription fee and give you access to thousands of lyrical and instrumental tracks for commercial use. In a way, these memberships are a musical gift that keeps on giving. You can use unlimited access to your advantage by utilizing royalty-free music in consumer marketing content.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s introduce you to digital music libraries that bring you original, reusable tracks.

Still have questions? Read this to learn How to Identify Royalty-Free Music.  

The Best Music Streaming Platforms for Businesses

Meet the terrific three:

Premium Beat

Shutterstock launched Premium Beat to expand its stock content. The music library provides over 10,000 sound effects, lyrical music, and instrumental tracks for corporate-centric videos. Prices are determined by quality, length, and licensing privileges.  After you’ve figured out the logistics, you can play acoustic blues, classical numbers, or some snappy audios for logos.

The music opportunities are boundless here.


It’s a “jungle out there” with sound effects and melodies from various genres available for purchase at prices as low as $1.00. Having 50,000 tracks and sound effects in its library makes this digital space one of the most diverse portals to access music files for your business. Adding to the variety are five relevant licenses to align with your budget and video production goals.


Yearly subscriptions on this musical network will grant you access to some foot-tapping sounds and pop music. The platform brings you the best music from aspiring artists and freelancing musicians who love mixing eclectic sounds and blending genres to create one-of-kind beats.

If you’re looking for something unique, either one of these music libraries will have something to

Music Hack:  Need more inspiration?  Listen to this Corporate Music Compilation by Infraction [No Copyright Music 2019] to understand the rhythms and beats of a high-quality corporate music video.

The Checklist: How to Shortlist the Right Sound?

Having millions of songs at your fingertips might sound exciting, but you probably don’t have time to listen to every single track. Right?

Here’s a shortcut to streamline your search:

  1. Set the Scene.  Either record the video or create a rough outline of what you plan to shoot to get the gist of your brand message/story.
  2. Know the Mood.  The background music should synchronize with the shots and match the video’s tone. Write down the first three adjectives that come to your mind when you think about the vibe of your video. Is it empowering, emotional, happy?
  3. Hit the Music Library. Use your list of descriptive words as keywords for your search. You can either go through YouTube or Google to find corporate videos that align with your list. Alternatively, you can use them to search royalty-free tracks by utilizing the built-in search engines in the music library.  Remember that lyrical tracks can drown out voice-overs, which is why you shouldn’t pick them if for dialogue-heavy videos.

Once you have a couple of feel-good sound effects and tracks at hand, you can move on to the video editing and production process. Play each chosen track with the video to see which one flows better.  After that, you can insert the music into your video.

Play it another time and adjust volumes and transitions to create a seamless effect.

Music Hack: Find out more about How to Find the Right Music for Your Video.  

Tuning Out the Competition with the Right Music  

It might sound bizarre, but your carefully curated selection of free music for corporate music could be the secret weapon against rival businesses. Use dynamic, upbeat sounds to lure the target audience to relay your marketing messages. Alternatively, you can choose some slow, soothing music. Use it to transport them away from the chaotic concrete jungle into a mindful Zen space as you share your brand story.

Whatever vibe you choose, know that background music can serve as the ultimate deal breaker for your business videos. So make musical decisions that add value to your bottom line!

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