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3 Places to Find Free Music I Can Use on Facebook

Free music I can use on Facebook

Free Music I Can Use on Facebook: Facebook is a great place for video creators to share their content. The platform encourages users to try and outdo one another by creating unique and engaging videos. Many of these creators also attempt to spruce up their videos by adding music

If you upload long videos containing music to Facebook regularly, you may have noticed some of them being muted or blocked. This issue usually occurs when the video contains copyrighted music that doesn’t adhere to the platform’s music licensing agreements.

The good news is that there are plenty of places that offer music for Facebook. So if you were wondering, “Where can I find free music I can use for Facebook?”, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will be looking at the three best places to find free music for Facebook.

Free Music I Can Use on Facebook – The Best Sources

1. Facebook Sound Collection

The Facebook Sound Collection is a special section on Facebook dedicated to providing users with free music for their videos. The library contains over 9,000 tracks, many of which sound like complete songs.

Each of the tracks on Facebook Sound Collection is owned by Facebook. This means the platform owns the rights to tracks, so users can feature them in their Facebook videos without worrying about copyright issues or paying royalties.

Users can look up the perfect song for their video using the different filters such as:

  • Genre
  • Moods
  • Duration
  • Vocals
  • Tempos

You can preview a track in the collection by clicking the “Play” icon. If you like what you’re hearing, you can instantly download the track by clicking the “Download” icon.

Users should note that they have permission to use this music for only Facebook and Instagram videos. They may run into issues if they attempt to use them on other platforms such as Snapchat or Vimeo.

2. Chris Hoermann

Chris Hoermann is an indie musician who has uploaded his own music to his website. He allows users to download his music for free and use it in their Facebook videos. The site currently has around two dozen tracks that span different music genres. Users can preview each track on Soundcloud and download them in high-quality from the website.

There are a few conditions associated with using Chis Hoermann’s music in your Facebook videos. The first condition is that users must sign up on the website and be added to its mailing list.

Users may also receive a content-ID-claim if they upload Facebook videos containing Hoermann’s music. However, they can continue sharing their video without any issues. The third condition is that users must offer Hoermann a share of any revenue their videos generate. If you can abide by these conditions, you’ve found a great website for music for your Facebook videos!

Free music for Facebook

3. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is another free online library that offers royalty-free music for online videos. It was started by New Jersey-based radio station WFMU in 2009 and aims to offer music under a Creative Commons License. Users can download tracks for absolutely free and use them in their Facebook videos as they please. The website also gives you the option of “tipping” artists whose works you have downloaded. However, it isn’t necessary to pay them.

Users can browse through various genres such as:

  • Blues
  • Electronic
  • Hip-Hop
  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Spoken

They can also look up the most downloaded tracks in the past week, past month, or all time. All these features make the search process a breeze. If you’re looking for thousands of great-sounding free tracks to use for Facebook, the Free Music Archive is certainly one of the better options out there.

Find the Perfect Song For Your Facebook Video

Each of the resources mentioned above is great for finding free music for your Facebook videos. Be sure to browse their catalog carefully when searching for music. After all, the right track can spruce up your Facebook video and make it more engaging for users. So consider reviewing the above list the next time you seek out background music for your Facebook video content.

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