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Your Guide To Free Music Without Author Rights

Music without author rights

Free Music Without Author Rights: If you’re anything like us, signing up for subscriptions, download fees, license fees, and all these others bumps in the road is not your cup of tea.

Well, luckily for you, we’re here to guide you through the depths of the internet for free music without author rights. Whether you’re working on a parody music video, a compilation, or hosting your own Squid Games (idk, you never know) you are definitely going to bookmark the resources you find in this article.

Before we jump into the free music resources, let’s have a quick conversation about what you’re dealing with, shall we?

Free Music: What is it?

Well, a wise man once said, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but hey, there is some free music out here, given that you put your back into it.

Free music without author rights is any music resource (could be a song, background score, jingle, or even a series of underwhelming claps) that is available for download and use without charge. This essentially means that you can gather these music resources and use them as you please: personally or commercially, your choice.

How is it any different?

  • Free music is usually found on royalty free and public domains. This means that this kind of music is completely free for you to download, listen, and use for multiple projects.
  • Free music without author rights is not only free for you to listen, but you can also download and keep it with you. With free music streaming services, you can only listen without downloading.
  • The music is free because these resources aren’t owned by a particular artist or a production house, which means there aren’t any active copyrights. Hence, by downloading these resources you do not infringe on any copyright laws whatsoever.

Free Music Without Author Rights

Below is a list of free public domain websites that can help you choose some great tunes for your personal library: is your basic website full of public domain songs. You can find anything from romantic, electronic, comedy, to even epic dramatic music to match whatever you’re working on.

The Good

  • This website is pretty easy to navigate
  • You don’t need a user account to download music
  • A wide array of music categories

The Bad

  • Downloading music in bulk will cost you
  • You can only download MP3 files for free

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Record player with a vinyl record

International Music Score Library

The International Music Score Library is one of the most used resources for public domain music. It houses thousands of music resources from composers around the world.

The Good

  • You can search music based on genre, composers, and time period
  • You can even download sheet music
  • Random search tool to discover new music
  • This website is acclaimed by professionals and academic institutions alike

The Bad

  • Commercial recordings require membership account
  • Some composers and time period music does not fall under the public domain

Open Music Archive

Open music archive is a pretty old public domain music website but still holds tons of downloadable sound and free music without author rights.

The Good

  • You can stream their content via SoundCloud
  • Music resources do not need a user account for download
  • The website does not have any advertisements which is a huge plus

The Bad

  • The website is outdated with an old-school navigation design
  • Quick search doesn’t work that well

Free Sound

Free sound could be a great music resource if you are working on a project which requires voice snippets, recordings, bleeps, or any other audio content. Their collection can give you anything from thunderstorms, singing birds, all the way to the helicopter sounds.

The Good

  • The free sound forum is active, so you can always place in your requests if any
  • Downloads can be in several audio file formats

The Bad

  • Some sounds and musical resources may require attribution or not be eligible for commercial use
  • Downloads require a user account

A word of caution!

Now that we’ve highlighted a couple of great free music websites for you, let us leave you with a few important things to remember:

Copyright and public domain laws are forever changing. Always keep an eye on where you are downloading music to steer clear of any legal repercussions. Even if you are downloading free music, some websites may only offer public domain services in one country, not the other. In short: read the fine print!

To know more about royalty-free music or free music without author rights, visit here.

Till next time, Happy Holidays!