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Best Free Snow After Effects Templates (& Tutorial)

Snow Template in After Effects

Free Snow After Effects Template: Years ago, content creators had to reshoot scenes and schedule another photoshoot when the final cut did not look right.  Not anymore, though. The best video editing software saves you from such troubles. It helps you create the cinematic effect you desire by simulating realistic snow, rain, and lightning effects.

This guide teaches you how the free snow after effects template can create lifelike snowflakes and snowstorms. You can strategically place them behind the subject or in the foreground to create a realistic look.

Here’s what you should know:

The Art of Using Overlays and VFX on Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects allows you to add different overlays and video effects to enhance your final cut. You can use it to crank up the drama and build your scene through simulated cinematography. In this way, your video can create an immersive experience.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take for your VFX project to achieve these effects:

Phase One: Create a New Project on Adobe After Effects

  1. Open Adobe After Effects. Go to File, click New, and then select New Project.
  2. Return to the taskbar to click File→ Import to add the field mp4 file.
  3. Drag and Drop the imported field footage to the project panel. It creates a New Composition button for you to work with during this project.
  4. Rename the layer “foreground plate” or “background plate” depending on your project plan. In this case, we will go with the former because snow effects tend to be placed over the subject instead of behind it.

Phase Two: Snow Time

  1. Return to the taskbar to choose a solid new layer.
  2. Name the layer “foreground snow” and then set the chip color to black (000000).
  3. Use the toggle switches (or mode button) present in the Timeline panel to shift the mode setting for the upper layer (i.e., the snow) from the Normal → Screen.
  4. Go to the Window and click the Effects and Presets panel.
  5. Use the search field to find your free snow after effects template.
  6. Drag and drop to use it as your foreground snow layer.
  7. Use Effect Controls to adjust the setting (e.g., keep background illumination and opacity to 70% for that luminescent snowy look)

Phase Three: Create the Background Layer

  1. Duplicate your foreground plate to create a background plate.
  2. Repeat step for the background snow layer.
  3. Rearrange the layers to ensure the foreground snow comes first and the foreground plate. After this, you can place the background snow and the background plate.
  4. Use blend mode and mask settings to enhance the effect.
  5. Once completed. Use the spacebar to preview your snow after effect.

VFX Hack: Watch this for a complete tutorial by Adobe.  

The Search: Top Picks for a Free Snow After Effects Template

Make it Snow in After Effects

Looking for new snow After Effects templates? We have rounded up the best platforms for you to scroll and select new video effects and templates.

They are as follows:

1. Premium Beat

You might know PremiumBeat for its music library, but the platform features other creative assets too. If you scroll down the main page, you can be directed to sister sites that give users access to stock video and after effects templates. There are thousands of options to choose from for your project.

If you’re in a rush, then here’s an ice and snow overlay bundle shared by Premium Beat. It’s designed for videographers and content creators who need to increase their videos’ snow effect.

2. Pond5

Pond 5 is a stock marketplace with an excellent range of video effects and photos. The New-York based platform shares licensed sound effects, stock footage, images, and VFX. They have a simple user interface to search through thousands of templates.

If you type snow effects for your search, you can find a variety of effects on the platform. These range from snowstorms, soft snowflakes, white Christmas effect, and snow explosion to modified logos. You can use different keywords to explore other options. Then use the overlays that match your vision.

3. Envato Elements

Envato Elements brings a mix of stock imagery, sound effects, music, and video templates. You can use these creative assets to spruce your final cut. Monthly charges cost around $15/month, and multiple packages fit your professional and artistic profile.

When it comes to snow after effects, it presents various options. You can use the snowfall sound effects to create a more realistic video for your project.

Let It Snow!

The free snow after effects template can add a whimsical winter wonderland look to your videos. Alternatively, you may use this imagery before a blizzard hits a small town or capture the idyllic views of a mountainside village. The possibilities are endless for imaginative individuals who enjoy shaking things up through their cinematography and VFX skills.

We hope that our tips and tricks give you a good idea of using Adobe After Effects.

Until next time.

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