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How Bad Is Your Apple Music AI: How Does This Quiz-Style Rating Session Work?

How Bad Is Your Apple Music AI

“How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?” took the digital world by the storm with its snarky, holier-than-thou attitude after the pandemic. The AI tool doesn’t hold back any comments and evaluates your playlists with a critical lens.

Spotify users were the first ones to get entertained with this not-so-polite bot. This left some Apple Music users glum, as per this Reddit post. After some time the Pudding. Cool project expanded to welcome Apple Music users.

So is “how bad is your apple music AI” worthy of your attention?

If you have a few minutes to spare and don’t mind harsh remarks to heart, you’ll enjoy a chat with this cynical music critic. It only requires your Apple Music playlist and runs an automated assessment by tracking user data stored within the streaming app.

After this, you can play a quick round of music celebrity games before unwrapping the AI-generated rating.

This article shares how to use the bot and why some Apple Music users aren’t too keen on using this tool.

Here’s what you should know:

Meet the Robotic Music Critic by the Pudding

How Bad Is Your Apple Music AI

In 2020, Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels built an antithesis of the celebratory end-of-the-year recaps music streaming sites shared. “How Bad Is Your Apple Music AI?” is the 2.0 version of a Spotify-only bot launched by the Pudding Project.

Think of this “sophisticated AI” as the Simon Cowell to your much-loved playlists and song choices.

Let the Roasting Begin

The premises is pretty simple, as the witty AI bot scans your shared playlists and listening habits. After asking you to log into your Apple Music streaming account, it accesses information. According to the screenshot above, the AI bot evaluates you according to a thorough scan of your music preferences.

The software runs on an algorithm that uses key metrics. The data can help determine whether your song choices are good or bad. If you agree to get judged, the chatbot will share a prompt then provide a sassy remark according to your response.

For example, it can call specific artists “too basic” and your listening habits “borderline obsessive.” It even passes remarks about users being stuck in a specific era or genre of music. The critical comments continuously put down your playlist choices.

Then if you’re brave enough, there’s an option to share your rating with your social circle. A quick share and continuous roasting by your virtual and real-life friends make this AI tool a gift that keeps on giving.

Overall, it’s a fun, high-energy game that can make you smile or second-guess your choices.

The Flaw in the Plan: Glitches and Safety Concerns

“How Bad Is Your Apple Music AI?” promises to stay true to user privacy laws even if it reacts chaotically when it sees your top song picks. Yet, some end-users can be hesitant about sharing their data to a third-party site.

If you’re one of them, we’d like to assure you that this sarcastic AI bot does play by the rules. It’s safe, secure, and well-protected. That’s why thousands of music lovers were ready to indulge in this amusing AI-generated roasting session.

However, there’s a slight hiccup that many Apple Music users are experiencing during the interaction. Some reviewers complained that the bot doesn’t work or stops analyzing mid-way when synchronizing their playlists. Refreshing the site or using the AI tool after a quick break doesn’t change the underwhelming outcome.

There’s a chance it’s because the makers designed this chatbot for Spotify users. The updated coding might have glitches after the alteration.

Are You Ready to Get Judged?

“How Bad Is Your Apple Music AI?” sounds like a music snob that turns down every artist, album, and song you like listening to.

However, the robotic assessment can be a fun break from doom scrolling. You can use its critical judgment to compare music choices with friends and family.  The AI tool might give you a reason to broaden your horizons.

Maybe this will give you the excuse to try something other than the Folklore album or Hamilton soundtrack!

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