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How Bad Is Your YouTube Music AI: Does It Exist?

How bad is your YouTube AI concept

Post-pandemic boredom and cynical perception of cheery Spotify Wrapped playlists led to the creation of “How Bad Is Your Streaming Music AI”? Like any viral, clickable site, this one attracted thousands interested in getting roasted by a chatbot.  

The self-proclaimed and innovatively coded algorithm spews sneering remarks as streaming site users from Apple Music and Spotify shared their preferences.

However,  many users were surprised that most music streaming channels did not make it to the snarky screen.

Does “How Bad Is Your YouTube Music AI?” exist?

No,  Pudding. Cool currently offers only two options for the unfiltered roasting session—Spotify and Apple Music.  While you might be deprived of the deadpan humor of that bot, other AI specs are monitoring your streaming habits on the YouTube Music app. Users can benefit from understanding how its presence can customize your in-app experiences.

Let’s take a look.

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Flashback to the YouTube Music Origin Story

YouTube Music has been around since 2015. Yet,  it truly emerged when Google decided to put it under the radar three years later. The collaboration was announced after the tech giant decided to unplug Google Play Music. Within months, personalized playlists and downloaded music vanished as users shifted to other streaming apps.

Others remained loyal to Google and imported their saved content to YouTube Music. For this reason, many music listeners consider it a relatively new app compared to its rivals.

A Closer Look: How Does YouTube Music Work?

The new YouTube Music app leveraged Google AI technology with diverse streaming content to outrank preceding layouts. The music library features a mix of official songs, indie artists, live performances, covers, and remixed renditions. Additionally, users can now watch music videos instead of switching apps.  

In other words, the app brings the best of both worlds to end-user screens.

You can experience this by downloading an ad-supported version or the premium disruption-free plan. Both apps have a well-integrated algorithm and tracking bot that monitors your daily listening habits. The collective data allows the interactive app to share song recommendations that match your music preferences.

Instead of a myriad of features and options, the classic layout consists of three tabs. The ever-changing home screen shares updates and suggestions. Then you have a personalized library with tracks imported from Google Play Music and recent downloads. Adventurous listeners can use the Explore tab to discover new artists and tracks. These recommendations are categorized by mood, genres, and location-based suggestions.

Music Note: Watch this official tutorial to learn how customization works on YouTube Music.

The AI Takeover: Why Is This Integration Important for YouTube Music?

How bad is your YouTube AI concept

If you’re looking for fun music experiences, YouTube has a few AI-controlled tricks. For starters, users can refresh four customized playlists every week you can tune into, depending on your mood. Options include:

  • Focus Mix to switch on a zen mode while you study or work.
  • Adrenaline-pumping Workout Mix for gym and at-home exercise sessions.
  • A softer Chill Mix to unwind after a busy day and hectic workweek.
  • Energy Mix for some foot-tapping tunes.

After continuous surveillance of what you listen to, skip, and search from your account, these playlists are personalized. It makes the end-user experiences more engaging, exciting, and dynamic for frequent users.

The best part, the silent YouTube Music AI doesn’t judge you for these choices!

The Verdict: Snubbed or Saved?

“How bad is your YouTube music AI?” doesn’t exist. The snub from a snarky site might mean that the streaming site hasn’t made it to the big league yet. Does that mean you should switch streaming accounts?

Don’t be too quick to judge.

There’s a super responsive and active built-in AI feature that does track your listening habits on the app. You can use it to explore millions of musical experiences within the app.

However, if you are experiencing FOMO for not having a Pudding. Cool version for your streaming site. Fret not. If you give them a chance, your friends and family won’t refrain from roasting your music choices.  

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