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How Do BIG YouTubers Use Copyrighted Music? Here’s the Answer

How Big YouTubers use copyrighted music

How Do Big Youtubers Use Copyrighted Music: It should come as no shock that YouTube is the most popular video platform on the internet. Over a hundred million people access this website every day to watch content from their favorite creators.

Big-name creators on Youtube often rack up millions of views on each video they upload. Such creators are often favored by Youtube’s algorithm and are able to get away with doing things that smaller channels would not be able to. If you watch videos from large channels regularly, you may have noticed them using popular music in their videos.

Today we will be answering the question, “How do big Youtubers use copyrighted music?”, and whether you too can get away with using copyrighted music in your videos.

What is Copyrighted Music?

Before we answer the primary question this article is centered around, it is worth delving into what exactly “copyrighted music” is.

Copyrighted music is essentially music whose legal ownership has been designated to an individual or individuals. A copyright can be related to the song’s composition or the sound recording itself.

If you own the copyright to a song, no one can use it for commercial purposes without your permission. This is one of the reasons why copyrighted music is rarely used by smaller Youtube creators.

What Happens If You Use Copyrighted Music on Youtube?

If you upload a video containing copyrighted music on Youtube, the platform’s Content ID system will flag your video. The video will then be removed, muted, or demonetized. Youtube channels that receive multiple copyright strikes may even be removed, resulting in a massive loss to the channel owner.

How Do Big Youtubers Use Copyrighted Music?

How Big YouTubers use copyrighted music

If you regularly browse through videos uploaded by big Youtubers, you may have noticed them using popular songs in their content from time to time. Many of these songs are likely copyrighted. So how do big Youtubers get away with using copyrighted music?

There are a few possible answers to this. We have discussed some of the main ones below.

They Have Received Permission to Use the Music

If the Youtuber is big enough, they may be able to get away with using copyrighted music in their videos by simply asking the copyright holder for permission. This strategy is quite straightforward if there is only one copyright holder. However, popular songs often have multiple copyright holders. This often includes the original artist, the song’s distributor, and the record label.

These Youtubers will need to receive permission from each of these parties before using the song in their videos. In many cases, they may be asked to pay a certain licensing fee to get this permission. This fee can be anywhere from a hundred to several thousand dollars.

Big Youtubers can get away with paying such high licensing fees if they are confident that their video will earn a large revenue sum. However, smaller creators may be operating at a loss if they choose to pay licensing fees each time they choose to use a popular song in their videos. This is one of the main reasons why you rarely see recognizable songs used in videos from smaller creators.

Creating a Similar Sounding Track

Some big Youtubers may upload videos containing music that sounds like popular songs. However, these tracks may be imitations that were created to resemble the songs they are mimicking. Such imitation tracks often contain similar music elements and chord structures but are different enough to avoid plagiarism issues.

A Youtuber may choose to use an imitation track in their video if the licensing fee for the actual track is too high. This strategy could be useful for smaller Youtubers who cannot afford licensing fees that run into the thousands.

Do I Need to Use Copyrighted Music in My Youtube Videos?

You don’t need to use copyrighted music in your videos to become a popular Youtuber. The truth is that there are thousands of great-sounding royalty-free tracks out there that offer just as much of a punch as popular copyrighted tracks. Consider using some of these tracks in your next Youtube video if you want to make an impact with your audience.