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How Do YouTubers Add Music to Their Videos

Adding music to YouTube videos

How Do YouTubers Add Music to Their Videos? A video is only as good as the soundtrack that carries it and makes it engaging for viewers. If you want to make money as a successful YouTuber, the choice of sound effects and music you choose for your videos will determine the number of views it gets.

Beware Copyright Issues

YouTube uses an algorithm system called ‘Content ID’ which prevents YouTubers from using music or any content that is not their own. So make sure that you get permission from the label or artist who owns the music you have your eye on.

The original/legal author of the music can:

  • Determine who allows his music to be edited for videos.
  • Determine the conditions which everyone who wants their music has to follow to acquire it.
  • Ask for monetary compensation if their music is used for commercial purposes in a video.

How Do YouTubers Add Music to Their Videos

While you cannot add an audio track on the mobile app, you can do so using your laptop or desktop’s web browser. Since you cannot use copyright music for your videos, feel free to choose from the large database the video streaming site has of royalty-free tracks. It can be found in the Studio Editor. Keep in mind that the only way you can make money off that video is if it:

  • Is less than 6 hours long.
  • Has less than 100,000 views.

The only exception to the second rule is if you are part of the Partner Program. Here is a fantastic website where you can find free audio music for your videos.

So, how do YouTubers add music to their videos? Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open YouTube in your Web Browser

Visit the YouTube website on your web browser, sign in and you will see your channel’s dashboard in front of you.

Step 2 – Click ‘Upload’

Click the ‘Upload’ icon which is shaped like a tiny camera with a plus sign in front of it. It’s in the top right corner of the page. Once you do that, the menu will open up.

Step 3 – Upload Video

Click the ‘Upload Video’ option on the menu to get to the ‘Upload videos’ screen. Once the video has been uploaded, click on the X which you can find on the top right corner of the Upload Videos screen.

Step 4 – Select Files

Click on the ‘Select Files’ button at the center of the screen. If you are using Windows, you will open ‘File Explorer’ option and if you are using Mac, you will see a ‘Finder’ window.

Step 5 – Upload Your Video

Browse to the location of the video you want to upload and click on it once to select it. Select ‘Open’ to upload it on YouTube.

Step 6 – Publish the Video

You aren’t done yet. When the video has been uploaded, you need to edit it. Edit the title, write description, choose thumbnails that can attract clicks and other custom options. Once that is done, click ‘Next’ and follow the instructions to select the settings you want. During this time, your video will be processing in the background even after you hit ‘Close.’ The thumbnail will appear eventually.

Step 7 – Choose Your Background Music

Click the + sign next to the music note icon. Audio, video, end screen etc have their own row under the video. You will see the audio row with a music note. Click on the + sign right next to it to open it, and you will see a complete list of free audio tracks you can use.

Step 8 – Preview the Track

You can also preview the track before incorporating it in your video. Just click on the Play button to do so. Click on the ‘Search or filter library’ bar which you can find right above the songs and choose a category. Enter your search terms to find what you are looking for.

Step 9 – Add the Track You Want To Use

To make the Add link pop up, just move your cursor over the track you are interested in and then click on it. It will be added to the audio row which is denoted by the music note.

Step 10 – Edit the Track If You Need To

At this point the audio row will have two rows. The first one will be for the original sound of the video, if it has one, and the other is for the audio you added. The latter will appear in a blue bar and it will also feature the name of the track.

Following these steps to edit the track:

  • Just drag the bar with the audio you chose straight to the video you uploaded before.
  • To edit the audio, hover the cursor over the start or end of the blue rectangle. It should transform into a double-headed arrow.
  • Click and drag it to the position you want.
  • You can also keep the original audio and play the inserted one in the background. All you need to do is click on the settings sliders and reduce the mix level.

Step 11 – Click ‘Save’

You can find the ‘Save’ button right on the top right corner of the page. Do NOT click away before pressing it. You will lose all of your hard work. Once you click on it, the audio will convert into the video file and it will get published on YouTube.

Start Adding Music!

A YouTuber adding music to his video

Now you know the answer to ‘how do YouTubers add music to their videos.’

Use the aforementioned step-by-step tutorial to add audio tracks easily. Just make sure you do not use another contributor’s content unless you have express permission to do so. You may end up with a copyright violation and may also lose viewers if Youtube flags your video as stolen property.

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