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How Do YouTubers Find Music for Their Videos? (We Found the Answer)

Finding Music for YouTube videos

How Do YouTubers Find Music for Their Videos? With over 2 billion users all over the globe and viewers watching over a million hours of content on the video-sharing platform every day, YouTube is a digital platform to be reckoned with. It is even assumed that almost 80 percent of online users have an account on this digital giant.

Among all the countless hours of video content, you will find that the majority, if not all, add music to their videos. This can be to open a video, to create a sense of tension or peace, as a background score, or as a finale  ‘outro.’ You will find a wide variety of music on almost every channel out there. However, one question that we often come across is how YouTubers find music for their videos, given the numerous rules regarding copyright.

So how do YouTubers find music for their videos? If you’re also struggling with this question, continue reading to get your answer.

YouTubers Find Music from These Special Websites

To avoid repetition and to use music that’s unique, different, or at least more challenging to imitate, the top YouTubers find music for their YouTube videos through specialized websites, like Epidemic Sound, AudioJungle, etc.

1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a service that has a royalty-free music library that presently has more than 300,000 songs to pick from. Thanks to their easy-to-use search function, it is one of the most popular sites among YouTubers to find the right music for their video.

Music licensing can be a bit challenging. However, Epidemic Sound bundles all the legal rights you are going to need into a simple license that you can use across all platforms. The licensing starts at $0.99, and the subscriptions start at $12 per month.

2. AudioJungle

Like several other marketplaces on the Internet, AudioJungle allows YouTubers to secure different licenses to use songs and certain sound effects.

The key difference with Epidemic sound is that they don’t offer a subscription where YouTubers need to pay each month. Rather, they can purchase an individual license for every song that’s only paid once, and that’s it.

The creators of AudioJungle offer over 586,000 tracks, from heavy metal to pop to sound effects and music kits. Regardless of what type of music YouTubers are looking for, they will get it on AudioJungle.

The best thing about AudioJungle is that it has an awesome search engine, which allows YouTubers to search for any word to find the particular song or sound effect that best fits their video or the message they want to convey through the video.

3. StoryBlocks

StoryBlocks is the go-to source for sound effects and music for many YouTubers. Along with a subscription, YouTubers get access to unlimited downloads of thousands of songs, sound effects, collections, and loops.

One of the best features of their search functionality is that it uses a slide bar to allow YouTubers to determine the precise length of a song they are looking for. This is very handy for specific timing in videos. The unlimited downloads start from $99 per year.

4. IncompeTech

IncompeTech is a brilliant artist-rub website with free music in almost every possible genre. By “artist-run,” we mean that all the songs you will find on this website are developed and uploaded by Kevin MacLeod. With correct attribution, YouTubers can download and use the music on a number of videos entirely free of cost. Nevertheless, you also have the option to use some of his songs without attribution.

5. Amazon Music

Did you know Amazon has over 56,000 free soundtracks and tunes that many YouTubers incorporate in their videos? Amazon does an excellent job of organizing its songs by genre. Thus, it is quite easy for YouTubers to find a particular tune. The only limitation when it comes to Amazon Music is the limited ability of their search engine in locating the perfect song for a video.

Last Few Words

YouTubers need to be extremely cautious in using music because if they get a third strike sent from YouTube, their account closes automatically with no possibility of reopening.

Thus, if you are planning to launch a YouTube channel, make sure to check out the websites above from where YouTubers find music for their videos.