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How Much is a Music License for a Salon? All You Need to Know

How Much Is a Music License for a Salon?

How Much is a Music License for a Salon? Raise your hands if you think that music makes visits to the salon more relaxing and fun.

Many patrons enjoy listening to soothing, slow beats when hairdressers wash their hair. Upbeat tempos prove best for the waiting rooms and trimming sessions. In turn, an instrumental background fills the silence when all hairstylists are busy coloring, cutting, and styling your hair.

Yet, licensing regulations can challenge startup salon businesses and new owners. That’s why understanding “how much is a music license for a salon” and what music to play is essential.

One wrong move and you’re stuck paying for royalties for years to come.

This quick guide highlights the cost of performance and distribution rights for salons. In addition to that, we share a preview of the ideal song selection for your salon playlist.

Let’s begin!

Shop Talk: How Much Is a Music License for a Salon?

Salon owners in the US and the UK need to approach a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) to acquire a legal music license for business use. You might ask either one of these organizations (i.e., ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC or PPL-PRS) for your license.

Typical charges require you to set aside a monthly fee or a fixed lump sum for annual payments. In most cases, these licenses will cost you between $100 to 1000 and sometimes more. PROs modify the final price according to the size of your business, playlist, and your clientele.

It’s important to note that several variables influence the cost of your music license.

They are as follows:

  • Your business profile and whether it has multiple branches
  • Salon size and perimeter of the area where music will be audible
  • A rough estimate of clients and employees that listen to your playlist each day
  • The medium used to play music (i.e., radio, TV, YouTube, other streaming apps)
  • Cost of live music vs. recorded music
  • Royalties attached to the song you continuously play on your premises

In addition to this, you might have to consider your location. That’s because the rate of music license for a salon might vary from one country to another.  Conversely, some license agencies like ASCAP  claim to maintain ‘fairness and consistency.’ It does this by asking for the same price for salons located in different regions. When you add these variables, you get entangled in costly strings. You might need to lobby and network more to negotiate a reasonable price for your music license.

If that sounds tedious and costly, we recommend royalty-free music platforms.

Musical Hack: Before we discuss single-licensing music apps, let’s talk some more about copyright agencies. Learn how Simon Webster Hair Salon – PPL PRS – share trade secrets and industry practices. The interview also focuses on making musical moments an immersive brand experience at his salon.

Taking a Royalty-Free Route: Is It Right for You?

Single-license services allow you to play music without complicated clauses. These platforms practice straightforward rules and regulations to secure your music license. User requirements are relatively easy to understand, and they do not cost much either. Monthly subscriptions begin at roughly $35.00 on some sites and less than $50 on others.

You even have yearly plans to simplify payment options for you.

In addition to this, you receive complete (and sometimes partial) rights to play a carefully selected list of tracks and covers by emerging artists. You can even sync selective playlists from Spotify to play at your salon without any legal limits attached.

More importantly, primary royalty-free sites are affiliated with PROs. You can use these business music streaming apps to legalize and play on-demand tracks for your clients. Plus, these efforts don’t just set the mood, but they retain clients. Subsequently, turning your subscription into an investment rather than a useless commodity.  

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The Perfect Playlist: Does It Exist?

How Much Is a Music License for a Salon?

Salon owners can feel overwhelmed when they go through millions of tracks to create their brand of music. If you’re interested in creating one-of-a-kind playlists, then prioritize personalization. Ask yourself which vibe you’d like to create through music and which soundtracks are available for commercial use.

Here’s a checklist you can follow:

  1. Choose songs that match the mood and ambiance of your salon.
  2. Keep a mix of jazz, pop, and chillhop songs to prevent creating a monotonous and dull loop of music
  3. Play tracks according to mood and activity of the day
  4. Synchronize your Spotify playlist to play popular songs in the background
  5. Ask clients to send requests or do a monthly poll to create a list of crowd-favorite numbers

In addition to this, you should pay attention to your salon’s lighting and interior decor. These details add to the experience whenever a new client steps inside your premises. The right rhythm can turn into a reason to return whenever they need to book a salon appointment. While the decor and lighting ensure that they feel comfortable throughout the visit.  

Music Hack: Here’s an extended edition of salon playlists available online Barbershop Music – Official Playlist for inspiration. Attentively listen to the rhythm and beats to search for similar-sounding tracks from royalty-free music libraries.

Win Clients with Memorable Music

In the end, there’s no definitive answer for questions like ‘how much is a music license for a salon?’’ and “what type of music should we play at a salon?’’ While putting heavy metal music is a no-go, other genres are always welcome in this industry.

Clients and staff enjoy tracks that are light, easy, and breezy. A mix of upbeat numbers works well for slower days and fun moments within the premises. Use our checklist to select a score that appeases you and your target customer base. The inclusion of these tracks could influence business growth and retain client rates. In turn, music cultivates stronger ties with your business network.

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