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How to Add Background Music to a Twitch Stream

Gaming on Twitch

Wonder how to add background music to a twitch stream? Planning to showcase your gaming skills to a wider community? Whether you’re making headway into your favorite first-person shooter game or have become the legend of story-based games, it’s never too late to show the world what you’re capable of. Despite growing by leaps and bounds, the video game industry has never had a better contender than Twitch, especially when it comes to broadcasting video games.

Come to think of it, there are several elements that hook us to our favorite gamers’ streams, and only one of them is the game itself. So, what is it that makes us go back to their channel again and again? Read more: Documentary Background Music: A Step by Step Guide for Choosing BG Music for Filmmakers


Apart from the excellent gaming strategy and commentary that always keeps us charged, it’s the background music that plays a key role in retaining the audience’s attention

from the excellent gaming strategy and commentary that always keeps us charged, from the excellent gaming strategy and commentary that always keeps us charged, from the excellent gaming strategy and commentary that always keeps us charged, from the excellent gaming strategy and commentary.

Hence, if you’re wondering how to add background music to a Twitch stream, you’ve come to the right place. This post, therefore, is an attempt to get into the technicalities of using music in a Twitch stream.

Copyrighted Music? A Big No.

Here are only some of the many consequences gamers have faced so far upon using copyrighted music without paying attention to permissions and protocols.

  • DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) copyright claim by a musician or a record label
  • Notifications from unknown third parties
  • Regulatory violation notices

Gaming on twitch and sharing music is all fun and games until you realize how serious the consequences of not paying heed to copyright infringement can be. Hence, more than adding it to the background, the deal is to find a reliable source of music and obtain rights to everything reproduced.

So, it all comes down to the following questions:

What Musical Content Can You Use In Twitch?

In a nutshell, any music that’s your property, licensed under your name, or a part of the Twitch Music Library can be used in a stream.

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What Musical Content Can You Not Use In Twitch?

The music you’re better off not using includes:

  • Copies or representations of songs
  • Playback tracks
  • Karaoke performances
  • DJ sessions
  • Music programs that adopt a radio-style

Spotify Subscription: How Good Is It?

Twitch player using background tunes and sounds

If you’re thinking that having subscribed to Spotify or other similar platforms is your ticket to use the music during an online stream, you can’t be more wrong. Purchasing membership or subscribing to a platform only allows a user to access music for private use. So here’s the answer to the million-dollar question. Once you have access to a copyright-free source, learning how to add background music to a twitch stream becomes much easier.

When Breaking Your Bank Is Not An Option!

If you’ve just started your channel, then chances are that you’re looking to purchase music for free and for all the right reasons. Therefore, here are some of the most reliable platforms for free music and use it on your live broadcasts.

Twitch Music Library

Did you know that Twitch offers its gamers the opportunity to access music during their live streaming broadcasts?

From independent labels such as Monstercar, Spinning records, and Mad Decent to the more renowned ones such as Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak, the Twitch Music Library is supported by several names in the market. What’s more? The platform is also open to artists who wish to collaborate with their tracks for broadcasts. Click here to access the Twitch Music Library “”

‘Twitch FM’ In Spotify

Looking for more touches of breakbeat and EDM? Look no further because Spotify’s Twitch FM station has over 2500 songs from a wide variety of playlists to be used for online games.

YouTube Playlists

Most newbies often rely on this one source to add some zeal and zest to their broadcasts. Upon searching for “Music for Twitch,” you can come across dozens of videos with music listed solely for Twitch streaming.

Pretzel Rocks

Last but not least, Pretzel Rocks is a service dedicated to providing streamers with free and licensed music. Moreover, the application is free, which is nothing short of a sigh of relief for gamers who are just starting. While the premium monthly subscription costs a few dollars, the basic one is always free of cost.

Time to Add the Music to the Background

Adding background music to twitch stream

Use “Soundtrack by Twitch”

This free plug-in, if integrated with streaming software such as Streamlabs OBS and OBS Studio, allows users to add music to the background easily. Moreover, you get to enhance your gameplay without having to compromise your channel’s safety.

Unfortunately, you may need a PC to make its beta version work perfectly. Here are system requirements to keep in mind:

  • A Windows 10 operating system
  • A hard disk with 40 GB
  • A computer processor which should preferably be dual-core
  • Headphones or speakers for playback
  • 2GB of RAM

Once you tick all the boxes, go ahead and download the plug-in by following this one simple step.

  • Click on this website and install the plug-in

Ready, Set, and Go!

Remember, your streams become much more memorable when there’s more than just the element of the game in it. Music not only elevates the atmosphere but also gives greater meaning to every action performed by the streamer.

In the end, make sure not to just add any type of music; unless you’re looking forward to dealing with copyright infringement. Of course, don’t hesitate to experiment, especially when it comes to creating an excellent playlist for your gameplay.

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