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How to Add Local Music to Vigo Video? A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

How to add local music to Vigo Video

How to Add Local Music to Vigo Video? Gone are the days when you were supposed to have your eyes stuck on the screen for hours watching long videos. In an era where video production apps are on the rise, it’s no surprise that Vigo Video has also found its spot. From creating short videos to uploading them to various video sites, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting your work of art.

However, as with everything, your Vigo Video is also more or less incomplete without a good beat in the background enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Hence, if you’re wondering “how to add local music to Vigo Video,” here’s an extensive guide to help you add your favorite local song to it.

Showcase Your Talent and Earn Your Dollars!

Your short video and music clips are worth more than just a source of entertainment for the masses. In fact, one of the main reasons most people have switched to Vigo Videos is the ample amount of opportunities to make a living through it.

In a nutshell, what started as a way to kill time has now become a top money-making venture, especially for the youth. As soon as you learn how to collect flames, you can have them converted into dollars, but the journey to get there isn’t without its challenges.

Much like the rest of its competitors, such as TikTok and Triller, Vigo Video also requires you to completely sink your teeth into your content in order to reap benefits. And what’s a better way to do it if not by incorporating quality music into it? After all, quality is what makes your videos worth everyone’s while and consequently helps you earn a decent income.

Got Music?

How to add local music to Vigo Video

Want to add a beat that isn’t available in the app’s catalog? Using third-party tools is by far the best way to incorporate a song of your choice into your video. However, there are a few things you need to be wary of. If you end up using copyrighted audio in your work, you may as well be subjected to the costs of infringement.

Furthermore, since most platforms are already cracking down on copyright violations, you may even have your account banned if you end up uploading copyrighted music. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Record

Record the video that you wish to upload to the Vigo Video application.

Step 2: Download “InShot Video Editor

Readily available in both Apple and Android app stores, InShot videos is a popular third-party app that lets you edit videos free of cost. All you have to do is download it and open the app on your device.

Step 3: Add Your Video

Once you click the “video” option in the Create New box, it will allow you to add the video you created for Vigo through your device library.

Step 4: Add Your Beat

As you return to the main menu and select the “music” option, it will navigate you to the “tracks” option. This is where you can import music directly from your phone, given that it’s royalty-free.

Step 5: Edit away!

Now that you have your selected song, edit it on the bottom part of the app by simply scrolling through the audio until you land the portion of your choice.

Step 6: Adjust

Add your edited song to the video clip and adjust it until it is synced according to your liking.

Step 7: Export

Now that you’ve added your song and made the required adjustments, save the video right in your phone gallery by clicking the “export” button.

Step 8: Finally, Upload!

Upload your finished product to Vigo Video. This is where you will be able to add additional elements available on the application and then post it right away.

Musical Note: Learn more about the best apps for adding music to videos here.

Make Every Flame Count!

Your earnings from Vigo Video are determined by the number of flames you’ve collected on shared videos. It means that each time you upload a video, you’re able to earn rewards on it after 24 hours.

However, at the same time, there’s also a possibility your video may not get a reward. Roughly, a single flame equals $0.015. So, earning a decent living may sound like a far-fetched goal right now, but the more you create, the greater are your chances of becoming a top-rated influencer on the platform.

Remember, at the end of the day, the way you edit videos can make or break them. So, unless you’ve acquainted yourself with all the necessary editing tools, you will be better off doing your research first.

Finally, the one thing that we’ve learned through this guide about “how to add local music to Vigo Video” is that music adds much-needed flair to your videos. Not only is musical content the most viewed and loved, but it also helps you earn more flames. However, as much as you like those John Mayer tunes, it may not always be possible to add them to your video since they’re protected by copyright, and the only way to get your hands on them is by obtaining the required rights.

Musical Note: wish to learn more about using music without copyright infringement? Here’s a detailed article to help you get started.

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