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How to Add Music to My Google Slides? A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding Music to Google Slides

How to Add Music to My Google Slides? Whether you’re presenting in front of your team or hosting a seminar, you want to make a good impression on the audience. Yet, most corporate presentations (or any slideshows-related scenario) have a bad rep for being dull and boring. You can break the stereotype by jazzing up your next presentation with some upbeat, mind-stimulating music that keeps target audiences engaged.

This article answers a popular presentation-based question, “How to Add Music to My Google Slides?”.

Before we take you through the steps, let’s brush up on some basics:

The Premises: What’s Google Slides?

Google Slides with Music

Google Slides refer to the online presentation app Gmail account holders can use. This digital tool enables teams to create and format slideshows in real-time. You can receive quick feedback and vice versa by sharing slides with team members and supervisors. Since you’re essentially working on Google Drive, the slightest alteration gets saved automatically. In turn, reducing the risk of losing important data or the latest edited versions of your presentations due to human error or any technical glitch.

The “seamless connection” leads to a time-efficient and hassle-free collaboration between teams.  In 2019, a user query on  “How to Add Music to Google Drives?”  received a workaround way to embed background music to presentations.  Flash forward to the present, and Google Slides has become more adaptive to your musical requests.

The next section covers an easy-to-follow guide on achieving this goal.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Add Music to My Google Slides?

Here’s how you can embed music on your Google Slides:

Method 1: Insert Music Saved on Google Drive

  1. Upload royalty-free music (i.e., mp3 or WAV format) on your Google drive.
  2. Open your current Google Slides presentation.
Inserting music saved on Google Drive to Google Slides
  • Move your cursor towards the toolbar present on top of the Google Slides tab. Click “Insert.”
Google Slides tab
  • Select “Audio” from the drop-down menu that appears when you select “Insert.”
Google Slides audio dropdown
  • A pop-up screen will open. Look for the relevant audio file from tabs directing you towards files stored in “My Drive,” “Shared with me,” and “Recent” sections.

OR you can use the search bar to optimize your search by typing the exact name of the audio file.

Google slides audio search bar
  • Click the media file you want to add and tap “Select” (found at the bottom of the pop-up screen).
  • After this, you will notice a small sound icon on the selected slide. You can resize it (as shown below) by clicking on the icon and dragging its corner inwards/outwards.
Adding a media file to a Google slide

Aside from this, a playback bar will pop up when you hover your cursor over the sound icon. You can use the bar to control your audio (i.e., play it, pause it or fast-forward it).

Bonus Step: Personalize Background Music on Google Slides Options

Personalizing background music for Google Slides

A sidebar menu will pop up on the right side of your screen when you click on the sound icon. Use it to adjust:

  • Audio playback
  • Size and Rotation
  • Position
  • Icon Color
  • Adjustments
  • Reflection

The “Audio” options allow you to adjust playback volume and presentation cues. You can use this versatile to play selected media files on a loop or add multiple tracks to transition from one topic to another. 


Pro-Tip: Using multiple tracks only works when your slideshow covers several topics.

Method 2: Embed Music from YouTube

  1. Click “Video” on your Google Slides toolbar.
Embedding music from YouTube
  • Use the search bar to go through a list of appropriate corporate music for presentations. 
YouTube Search

OR insert music “By URL” to add a pre-selected video.

Inserting a video

Alternatively, you can add video files saved on your Google Drive too.

  • Customize your selection to play music discreetly. Like the previous method, you can reposition the video icon that pops up when clicking “Select” in the previous step. Use “Formatting Options” to resize, change volume, and adjust playback cues to maximize control over what the target audience sees and hears during your presentation.
Alternative options for Google Music

Music Hack: More of a visual learner? No worries! Watch How to Add a Video to Google Slides tutorial to add a musical element to your presentation.

The Game Plan: Think Creatively. Customize & Play!

Synchronizing music with Google Slides has become easier, but things can go wrong if you play the wrong track. Here’s a checklist to keep your slideshows professional and playful:

  • Select royalty-free music to prevent legal complications when you share your presentations on public/commercial platforms.
  • Avoid jarring clashes by choosing a genre that aligns with your presentation’s topic and context. For instance, onboarding videos can have upbeat music in the background, but such a soundtrack will be inappropriate for presentations on workplace safety.
  • Don’t let your voice get drowned out by lyrical soundtracks. Instead, opt for sound effects and instrumental music to ensure that your target audience can hear you loud and clear.

Lastly, do a few rehearsal sessions to ensure that your selected music elevates your presentation. Otherwise, it might sound like a forceful add-on inserted to be “trendy.”

Music Hack: Can’t think of a soundtrack for your slideshow? Listen to this compilation for inspiration Uplifting and Inspiring Background Music For Videos & Presentations.

Ready to Impress Your Audience?

Music can turn your average slideshows into memorable presentations by ensuring all eyes and ears are on you when you take the stage. You can use it to personalize your slides and grab attention at the right moments. That’s why we think that learning how to add music to my Google Slides can be the career move you need. It can help you stand out from coworkers that are stuck on traditional templates and soundless slideshows.

Best of luck!

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