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How To Add YouTube Music To Instagram Story – The Complete Guide

Adding YouTube music to Instagram story

How To Add YouTube Music To Instagram Story: Having music added to your Instagram story is the perfect way to keep the viewer engaged. Especially if you are a blogger who has a large following. From editing the story using the right filters, to adding the right tags and more, all add to the list when it comes to making the perfect Instagram story or video. However, there may be some issues that pop up periodically such as they struggle to add YouTube Music to your Instagram story. Well, there are a few technicalities that can spring up during this process, but nothing that you can’t resolve. There is a foolproof way to ensure the YouTube Music is added successfully and is audible to whoever views your story.

To get the right step-by-step guidance, read ahead. By the end of it, you are sure to have spotted your mistake and added the desired YouTube music in no time.

How To Add YouTube Music To Your Instagram Story  

In most countries, there are legal restrictions that prevent YouTube music from being added to Instagram stories. This may also extend to the Instagram music library where not all songs may be accessible. If this is the case, you can add the YouTube music from the Kapwing application that allows you to edit videos and add YouTube music before having it uploaded onto your Instagram story.

Here is how to get it right.

Step 1: Download the Kapwing Application

You can easily find this app on your iPhone App Store, or Google Play store. Download the application and open it whenever you wish to upload an Instagram story with YouTube music playing in the background.

Step 2: Upload your Video

After making your video for your Instagram story, save it to your camera roll. Next, upload it to the Kapwing app. Click on the Start Editing option in the Studio tool.

Step 3: Import Your Desired YouTube Music

Next, you can click on the Audio tool and choose the music you want. This option is found in the toolbar of the app. You can copy-paste the URL of the YouTube song as well.

Step 4: Trim the Audio

Once the music is added, you can trim the audio as per your liking. You can drag and adjust the parts that go well with your video content. You can even adjust the volume at this point, especially if your video has a part where you are speaking. That’s not all, this app also has a Timeline option where you can add multiple songs to your video – all you have to do is attach the YouTube link and adjust the audio.

Step 5: Preview and Combine

After having everything in its place, you can preview the video. If it all looks good, click on Done to combine the music to the video.

Step 6: Share Your Video On Your Instagram Story

Now that your video is ready, it can be shared to your Instagram story effortlessly. Just select the video from your gallery and post it right away!

Instagram story with YouTube music

Add the Perfect Music for Your Instagram Story Today!

So, there you have it. Adding YouTube music to your Instagram story is easy and effortless. All you have to do is follow the steps provided here and make your Instagram profile or business account come to life. There’s no doubt that the right type of YouTube music for your Instagram video can not only make your stories reach a wider audience, but reflect on your aesthetic sense as well. You can even share this article forward with a friend or colleague who may be struggling to get it right as well.

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If you have any further queries, you can get in touch with us by sending a message. We will get back to your queries as soon as possible. Till then, keep posting those Instagram stories with YouTube music at the back and bring your social media platforms to life!