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How to BYPASS SoundCloud Copyright? The Complete Guide

bypass SoundCloud copyright

How to Bypass SoundCloud Copyright? SoundCloud is a platform that allows you to upload music along with other audio files. In order to use this platform, you need to create your account and agree to their terms of service. One of these terms entails copyright ownership. This means that if you upload a song, it should belong to you and you alone. If you wish to steer clear of copyright claims on your SoundCloud channel, continue reading this article and discover some effective ways to bypass SoundCloud copyright.

Follow these guidelines that will help you bypass SoundCloud copyright issues.

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1. Don’t Download Directly from SoundCloud

Avoid downloading your music directly from SoundCloud. It might sound illogical given that one of the biggest differences of SoundCloud with regards to its direct competitor MixCloud is that in the first one, downloading is allowed.

For example, uploading a session with familiar-sounding themes and permitting downloading in several cases means that SoundCloud deletes the session for violation of its copyright policies. In such cases, it is best to upload the session to a different website like Google Drive, Dropbox, or any file hosting portal (ideally one that doesn’t expire) and link it to SoundCloud using the Purchase tab found in every file you upload. Usually, there’s a Free Download option in the Purchase tab so that your followers are aware that the file is downloadable.

2. Use Potentially Problematic Songs at the End

The first two topics of a session have the highest chances of experiencing copyright problems in SoundCloud. This might sound dumb; however, according to what I have experienced, 90 percent of the sessions that SoundCloud deletes because of copyright had a subject known first or second.

This doesn’t mean that the songs used at the end of a session will not lead to copyright issues. However, I think its likely that the tool SoundCloud uses to review music that’s uploaded doesn’t review the entire content. Rather, it only analyses a specific section in order to save money and time. Thus, if you know that a particular song can possibly lead to problems, it is better to use it right at the end. You might end up being lucky and not get into trouble.

3. Name Your Files Correctly

How to bypass SoundCloud copyright

SoundCloud is also very particular when it comes to the names of your files. If you frequently publish remixes of popular artists, SoundCloud will analyze the name of those files. Thus, if you remix a Rolling Stones song, SoundCloud will first review the issue and then check the name to determine if you have followed the copyright terms.

Sadly, there’s very little that we can do here. You can try removing the artist’s name and leaving only the song’s title. However, this strategy will be pointless if the SoundCloud algorithm catches the song.

4. Stay Vigilant if You Have Strikes

Once you get three strikes, SoundCloud is going to remove your account from its platform. SoundCloud strikes work very much like YouTube – if you frequently violate the copyright policy, SoundCloud will alert you through email that you have a strike. If you get 3 strikes, SoundCloud will automatically remove your account and you won’t be able to make another one with the same name.  

The more strikes you get, the more alert SoundCloud will become with the files you upload. Thus, if you have already gotten a strike, you should modify your publication strategy as you will be in SoundCloud’s spotlight.

5. Do Not Upload All Songs Together

Thanks to the fiber-optic connections that we have these days, it is very tempting and incredibly easy to upload a whole bunch of songs to SoundCloud at the same time. However, I recommend that you space out the slides because SoundCloud becomes more vigilant if there is an unusual surge in your account activity.

If the songs you publish are your own and you don’t have any copyright issues, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if the platform unexpectedly deletes multiple files, it is advisable to stop uploading files for some time.

Last Few Words

Learning the tips to bypass SoundCloud copyright can help you reduce copyright-related problems significantly.

Nevertheless, thanks to SoundCloud’s rapidly changing copyright policies, mainly because of the pressure inflicted by record companies, it is likely that in some time, there will be no way to bypass SoundCloud copyright.