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How to Easily Create a Heartbeat Slowing Down Sound Effect

Heartbeat SFX

Thump, thump, thump.

The sound of a heartbeat slowing down can be pretty cool when added to the right scene. You can use it as background music for intense dramatic scenes or build up suspense in a crime video. Heartbeats also symbolize love. A receding heartbeat can depict a breakup or sorrowful farewell, while a pulsating beat could indicate falling in love.

Even though there are tons of music archives to access licensed SFX for your video, creating one adds a personal touch to the project. This guide teaches you how to achieve this feat through different rhythms and household objects.

Let’s get cracking!

The Guide: How to Create a Heartbeat Slowing Down Sound Effect?

Sound effects are easy to create and record, considering they surround us. You need a good ear and musical bone to catch those sounds and turn them into rhythmic beats.

There are multiple ways to record a heartbeat sound slowing down effect in this situation. You only need suitable musical instruments and a home recording studio.  You can then use your editing expertise to turn it into a heartbeat slowing down sound effect(s).

Method One: Old School Hacks

You can use any object to develop your SFX to create a “lub-dub” heartbeat-like sound.

For example:

  1. Take a small piece of cloth and hold it from both ends.
  2.  Pull both sides of the fabric to stretch it.
  3. Continue stretching the fabric in and out to create a pounding sound.

Alternatively, you can create similar sounds by gently bouncing a small ball on a hard surface or thumping a plastic container. Maintain a rhythmic and consistent beat while recording the thumping. Then edit the sound to create the right effect.

Method Two: Drum Roll Please

Use a kick drum to create a heartbeat sound. After recording the drum beat, you can filter sounds below 60Hz and embed mid-frequency beats. It creates a cool effect. Fading the heartbeat in and out can result in a slower heartbeat.

Method Three: The Taylor Swift Way

Artists often use real life as inspiration for their songs. Taylor Swift happens to be one of them. Yet, her lyrics weren’t the only thing Swifties went wild over when they heard the song “Wildest Dreams.” They were excited to hear her heartbeat used as a drumbeat as this lyrical track’s introduction and background music.

If musical instruments and everyday objects fail, you can use the pop star as your inspiration to create a soothing sound effect. Place the mic on your pulse points to record the natural heartbeat.

Musical Hack: Don’t have time to create sound effects? No worries. You can watch and use this fantastic compilation of Heartbeat Sound Effects for your dramatic music video.

Thump Thump: When to Use a Heartbeat Sound Effect?

Mixing Music to Create SFX

Heartbeat SFX frequently appears in dramatic videos, horror movies, and medical dramas. Conversely, you can add background beats for a romantic track for a wedding video or love story.

That said, heartbeat slowing down sound effects brings more drama and creates more suspense to your visual story.  

Here are different scenarios to make this SFX work:

  1. Medical Story. Use the heart’s rhythmic beat for a medical drama (ala Grey’s Anatomy) or public service message about coronary diseases. You can use it for other hospital ads to pull heartstrings and ask for funds to support patients.
  2. 2. Dramatic Scene. The dropping heart rate can signify death, heartbreak, or a simple dramatic moment in your video.
  3. Suspense and Horror: If you’re recording a crime investigation or horror movie, you can use such sound effects to amplify the heart wrenching or eerie moments. These sounds work both ways, depending on how you edit and synchronize the background music.

In each case, your sound editing skills amplify the value of these sound effects. The rhythmic heartbeats will be nothing more than incoherent background noise without them. Therefore, you should practice your sound editing skills and video editing techniques. It will allow you to deliver dramatic and impactful videos seamlessly.

The Power of Sound Effects

Video productions are incomplete without sounds and SFX that elevate the scenes playing on the screen. The right sound effects capture the audience’s attention and compel them to stick around till the end. That’s because they build the ambiance and often serve as a cue to what will happen next in the story.

As our article discloses, heartbeat sounds can be the most versatile SFX yet. You can incorporate it in multiple scenarios to create your interpretation of what the sound symbolizes. Target audiences will use your rendition to deduce the subsequent scenes.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you choose the DIY route or a pre-made SFX. Ensure that you embed it correctly to have the impact you want.

Good luck!

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