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How to EXTEND Music in Instagram Story? – The FULL Guide!

How to Extend Music in Instagram Story

Tap. Snap. Share.

That’s how easy it is to post an Instagram story!

The feature was first introduced in 2016, taking inspiration from SnapChat. However, despite the app pioneering short-form video posts, Instagram quickly surpassed SnapChat in popularity after adding the ‘Instagram Stories’ feature.

By 2020, over 500 million daily users were making Instagram Stories to share life moments with their friends, family, and general audience. With various fun features like filters, stickers, gifs, and music, Instagram stories continue as a popular trend for Millenials and the GenZ.

If you follow these trends and want to learn ‘how to extend music in Instagram Story,’ this is just the right place for you! Keep reading further as we teach you all about adding music to your Instagram stories.

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Get Creative – Add and Extend Music to Your Instagram Stories

Want to know how to extend music in an Instagram story? Follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Open Your Instagram Stories Creator Mode

Launch Your Instagram App and click on the Instagram Stories button on the top-left, where your profile picture is. You can also swipe right to access Instagram Stories.

Step 2 – Make Content for Your Story

Now that you have opened the Stories creator mode, you can take a photo or video with your front or back camera to create the story’s content. Alternatively, you can also choose an older picture/video from your Gallery by clicking on the icon at the bottom-left of the screen.

Once you have selected a picture/video of your choice, simply click on it to add to the story.

Step 3 – Add a Music Sticker to Your Story

The next step is to tap on the Stickers button found on the tap bar of the screen. Once you tap on Stickers, you will see various options on the screen, including a Music Sticker.

Select this sticker to add music to your story.

Step 4 – Explore the Instagram Music Library

Once you click on the Music Sticker, you will get access to the Instagram Music Library that features a plethora of music and songs that you can choose from.

You can also use the search filters that categorize the music library according to Genres, Popular, and Moods. Explore all your options to choose the best music that goes with your content.

If you have a specific song in mind, you can look it up in the search bar at the top of the screen.

The good news is all the songs in the Instagram Music Library are licensed, so you need not worry about getting any copyright complaints on your profile.

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Step 5 – Don’t Forget to Preview

To ensure that your Instagram Story is perfect, don’t forget to preview the music before posting it. To do that, you simply have to tap on the play button of the song and check if it looks good with your content or not.

You can preview multiple songs following this step before shortlisting the best one.

Step 6 – Time for the Final Touches

Once you have finalized a song for your Instagram Story, only a few final touches are needed.

First of all, you need to select the duration and specific part of the song you want to play in the Story.

You can adjust the length of your Instagram story from the timer shown. Once you have selected a specific duration for your story, your music will be adjusted accordingly.

For instance, if you choose 15 seconds, your song’s duration will be adjusted accordingly. However, you can choose the 15 seconds of your song according to your preference.

If there are lyrics available for the song you shortlisted, they will automatically show on the screen.

Lastly, you can also play around with where the Music Sticker appears on your Instagram Story.

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Step 7 – Share Away!

If you want, you can add additional text, stickers, gifs, and animations from the Instagram library. Once you have finalized everything, you are just a click away from sharing your story with all of your Followers.

Just click on the Post button and select your Audience, whether it’s in the Friends or Close Friends list.

Once you do the above-mentioned, everyone who follows you can watch your musical story. If you have a public profile, anyone can view your story and interact with it.

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Is Music Your Lifeline? Share it With Your Instagram Followers!

Instagram Music Library

The Instagram Music Sticker is a great tool to express your persona, feelings, or mood on your Instagram Story. Especially if you like to keep your aesthetics’ game on point, adding music to your stories will help make your content come alive.

When learning how to extend music in Instagram story, the tips mentioned above should help.

Don’t forget the end goal: you must have fun with it. Best of Luck!

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